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Clearance Sale: 50% Off Select Birch Laserply Craft Packs

Grab 50% off select 4mm Birch Laserply Craft Packs until stock runs out!

Attention all Australian woodworking enthusiasts and laser-cutting aficionados! Plyco Australia is announcing a clearance sale on our 300 x 300 x 4mm Birch Laserply Craft Packs. Now available at a remarkable 50% discount, this is an offer tailored for both professionals and hobbyists seeking high-quality materials at an affordable price.

Plyco's Birch Laserply Craft Pack sale available online only

A Premium Product at a Clearance Price

Our discontinued stock of Birch Laserply Craft Packs is all old stock sourced from premium Russian Birch, known for its exceptional finish and engraving quality. Each pack, sized at 300 x 300mm, features the same thick veneer face our Laserply community has loved for years.

Key Sale Details

  • Product: 300 x 300mm x 4mm Birch Laserply Craft Pack

  • Location: online only for Australian customers

  • Availability: Limited stock; available until depleted

  • Offer: 50% discount on original price

  • Shipping: Complimentary on orders over $200 (ex. NT and TAS)

  • Purchase Mode: Exclusive to online orders


Why Choose Birch Laserply?

  1. Superior Quality: Russian Birch is renowned for its strength and aesthetic appeal, ensuring your projects have both durability and visual elegance.

  2. Versatility: This product is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications, from intricate art pieces to functional DIY projects.

  3. Eco-Friendly Option: Birch, as a fast-growing species, represents a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious creators.

How to Grab This Offer

To take advantage of this clearance sale, simply visit our online store from 15/01 and add the sale 4mm Birch Laserply Craft Packs to your cart. We encourage you to act fast as the availability is limited and based on a first-come, first-served basis!

Please note: This offer is subject to stock availability and may change. For the most current information and terms, please refer to our website.

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