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Featured Customer Plywood Projects: Invincible Creations

The year is coming to an end, but there’s still just enough time left to shine the light on one more talented customer. In the final 2020 instalment of Plyco’s Featured Customer Plywood Projects series we’re looking at Invincible Creations.

The man in charge over at Invincible Creations is Dale, an experienced carpenter with decades of experience. This more traditional carpentry experience has led to the creation of incredible stage and lighting design — some of the projects genuinely need to be seen to be believed! However, we’re spotlighting something a little different today. Where the collaboration between Invincible Creations and Plyco begins is in the puzzling HecticHedrons range.

hectic hedron puzzles made from Bamboo Laser Plywood

The HecticHedron collection made from Plyco's Bamboo Laserply

Putting Together The Laser Plywood Puzzle

What exactly is a HecticHedron? Well, the easiest and simplest description is that it's a bamboo polyhedron (a 3D shape with typically six or more flat faces) puzzle. However, we believe that is massively oversimplifying the brilliance of Dale’s creation here. Each HecticHedron is a unique and entertaining way to explore mathematical design and engineering, all by utilising simple shapes. Using these collectable, interconnecting puzzle pieces, you can dream up all sorts of intricate builds, with the only limit being your imagination.


Invincible Creations currently offer three different options in the HecticHedron range, with the Icosahedron, Dodecahedron, and Platonic Solids collections all available for purchase. With a HecticHedron or two by your side there’s no telling what you could create!

Sustainable Shapes

A big focus for Dale when creating the HecticHedron range was sustainability. Over the years on the Plyco blog we’ve often spruiked our Bamboo products, largely because Bamboo Plywood is head and shoulders above just about every other wood product when you talk about sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Invincible Creations have been able to combine this with recycled packaging for every HecticHedron, ensuring the carbon footprint for every puzzle sold is as minuscule as possible. It also helps that Bamboo Laserply offers the necessary strength and flexibility to make something like this possible — plus Dale’s a fan of the smell it creates when used with a laser cutter!

recycled packaging fro hectichedrons

The 100% recycled packaging for HecticHedrons

Working alongside Dale and seeing the wonderful and inventive products he’s produced through Invincible Creations has been a genuine pleasure for everyone at Plyco. If you’re interested in learning even more about the work produced by Invincible Creations, or want to purchase your own HecticHedron, head over to the Invincible Creations website and social media feeds.

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