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Plyco's May Day Builders Sale

The team of Plywood experts here at Plyco know that even the greatest builder in the world will be left with disappointing results if their resources aren’t up to scratch. While talented tradesmen can often turn nothing into something, life is always a lot easier when the quality of the products being used matches the top talent of the men or women working with them. Knowing quality is a non-negotiable when it comes to construction has been a driving force behind our desire to create the highest quality range of Construction Plywood possible.

With our Hardwood Braceply, Plywood Flooring, and CD Structural/CD Non-Structural we believe we have all bases covered when it comes to servicing the needs of builders. For those of you that are still a little sceptical we’ve put together an overview of each of these products to highlight their strengths, and which applications they are perfectly suited for.

Hardwood Braceply


Hardwood Braceply is one of the more underrated products that Plyco offers. It isn’t as glamorous or flashy as a Spotless Laminate, nor is it a household name like Birch Plywood. However, it’s a fact that Hardwood Braceply is the lifeblood of most building projects, and is often the glue that helps keep everything together. Braceply is a real “does what it says” product, in that it’s used for the structural bracing of buildings, including wall and roof bracing. While this is probably obvious at first glance, what can’t be discovered based on a cursory glance is that this product has been specifically designed with bracing well and truly front of mind. Unlike many other products that can be used for bracing, Plyco’s Hardwood Braceply has been constructed from the ground up to adapt to the rigours of ceiling or wall bracing, and you can have confidence knowing that each sheet is built to last under these conditions. To top it all off, every sheet is manufactured with an A-bond glue line.

Plywood Flooring


Going from the roof and the walls to the floor, Plyco’s Plywood Flooring is a simple yet ingenious product. With this product, we take Plyco’s renowned high-quality Plywood and manufacture it to meet the strict standards required for creating a reliable flooring product. What’s most unique about this flooring option is the “tongue & groove” aspect. Each sheet of Plyco’s flooring comes fitted with machine grooved edges and colour-coded PVC tongues. This one small addition makes putting adjoining pieces of flooring a snap! Each time you’ll get a snug fit that is both strong and reliable. Gone are the days of having to fiddle around and spend extra time joining up each subsequent piece of Plywood. If you’re looking for Particle Board Flooring instead, Plyco’s got you covered there too, with the tongue & groove system also fitted.

CD Non-Structural Plywood


CD Non-Structural Plywood is the perfect option when you need a whole lot of strength, but a stress grading isn’t needed. This is a bonafide construction Plywood and actually possesses many of the same qualities that make our CD Structural Plywood a superstar of the building and construction industries. The “C” and “D” in the product’s name refers to the front and back face grades respectively, and the species Plyco uses for this particular Plywood is Radiata Pine. One of the biggest benefits of using sheets of CD Non-Structural is that they come with A-bond glue line. This means each sheet, once properly sealed, is perfectly viable for use in exterior applications. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to what you can build with it. Some of the most popular projects include furniture, most general building and construction purposes, DIY jobs, and even bracing like our Hardwood Braceply.

CD Structural Plywood


Finally, we come to our last option; CD Structural Plywood. While it does possess most of the same characteristics as its non-structural counterpart, such as being manufactured from Radiata Pine, it differs in one extremely important way. As you could imagine, this product is structurally rated, meaning it is legally certified for use in applications where a known structural rating is a requirement. Every single piece of CD Structural Plywood you purchase from Plyco comes with the guarantee that meets the Australian Standard for structural Plywood certification. When you really need that extra step of strength, this is is the Plywood sheet for you.

All of Plyco’s Plywood can be purchased online, and with shipping options including our Victorian Select and freight delivery, we can service your Plywood needs no matter where you are.

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