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The Plyco Guide To Easycraft

Modern architectural trends in home design have become fond of quick, easy installation of pre-fabricated materials for interior finishes. It is undeniably tasteful — even for expert design critics such as interior designers and architects. Apart from its aesthetics, it has also become very popular because of its functional and durable use.

Wall cladding is featuring in many modern homes these days. It's not new though: traditional wood wall panels has been used in home interiors through the ages. It's not just the attractiveness of the style, but also because it provides good insulation. 

What is Easycraft?

Easycraft is just one of the lines of wall panels that is popular in the market today. Alongside our Pinoli and Shadowclad products, Easycraft provides quality, durability and flexibility. The manufacturers have used these three aspects to creatively design neat decorative wall and ceiling lines. 

Easycraft panelling does not need to be restricted to a single type of space in your home or office. It is multi-functional and easy to install. It can be applied to walls and ceilings. This sophisticated collection is perfect for any bedroom or living area, office or entrance way. 

Easycraft is just 9 mm thick, and easy to install, making it possible to transform any area in no time at all. All Easycraft products are made of compressed hardwood clad substrate, and are moisture-resistant. They are made in Australia using all Australian-grown species.

The range is designed to offer retro detailing to your choice of panelling. It brings a theme of regency elegance to your interior design. These wall panel products have three varieties, which are detailed below.

Plyco's EasyVJ100 wall panelling used in a modern, rustic bedroom

Easycraft Applications 

Easycraft panels will look good in any room, whether at home or in a workplace. 

Panelling is the perfect alternative to traditional plasterboard for your walls. It can also be installed directly over your existing plasterboard. It has a convenient installation feature that makes it easy to connect panels. With its hidden tongue and groove system, you only need to apply slight pressure on the fitting, and you’re good to go.

It's also great for ceilings! It can add a sense of style that will stand out from other ceiling options. 

If you are keen to transform your space, whether living area, workplace, bedroom, or formal dining area, then this product should be considered. It is stylish and neat, durable and easily-cleaned.

Plyco’s line of Easycraft products are designed to have high impact resistance, making them reliable, sturdy and long-lasting. They won't deteriorate or crack over time. These wall panels are already pre-primed. They have a smooth surface and so the final application of paint is easy and quick to apply in situ.  

Other benefits are good sound insulation, robustness in high traffic areas, and thermal performance.

Easycraft products compare favourably when comparing product and installation costs. The quality of the product and the speed of installation make them a very attractive option.

Painted EasyVJ100 used as a feature wall in a modern loungeroom


EasyVJ has a v-groove design that looks like the wood finish of traditional timber joint planks. It is well-suited for decorative interior walls and ceilings. It has a consistent surface — there are no knots or splits that you would get with wood products. As with all Easycraft products, it is pre-primed. There is no need for filler, and it is ready for top coat once installed.

Plyco offers the panelling grooves come in a single width: EasyVJ100. Its slim profile allows it to also be put above dado rails, directly against existing plasterboard.

The easyjoin system means your installation is quick! And it is tough and strongly resistant to impact. It is recommended for both residential and commercial uses. 

Beach aesthetic in the bedroom of a holiday home using Plyco's Easycraft EasyREGENCY wall panelsEasyREGENCY

Whether you want a contemporary modern style, or a classy period theme, EasyREGENCY panels are the choice for you. The grooves are more detailed than EasyVJ, giving a more pronounced style statement.

This product has all the benefits of EasyVJ. It's easy to fit and durable, comes pre-primed, and has the same slim profile. 

It can be fitted on walls or ceilings, and is a great design feature for both residential spaces and in commercial properties.

Whitewashed EasyLINE wall panels used in a contemporary bedroom


EasyLINE follows the classic aesthetic of shiplap wood panelling. Featuring a wide square groove, it looks good in a variety of designs as it fits into almost any space. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for a range of projects.

When used as a wall panel, it looks great whether the grooves are horizontal or vertical. The panel lines give a sense of height or width and can transform your room.

Again, it has all the features of the other two Easycraft products, and is a great choice for a wide variety of decor projects.

Download Plyco's free Easycraft product brochure

How easy is it to install Easycraft?

Easycraft is lightweight and it is very simple to install. Easyjoin, which is a hidden tongue and groove system, gives these panels a great advantage over other designs, as the panels slot together easily.

Because of the fitting system, and because they are pre-primed, the job can be completed in half the time of traditional plasterboard. 

We can provide detailed instructions for installation for fittings to timber or steel frames, to existing walls, to brick and block walls, and to ceilings.

Where to buy Easycraft 

No need to buy Easycraft at Bunnings. Easycraft is available to purchase from our two Victorian showrooms in Fairfield and Mornington! Here you can view all our products and get advice from our experienced staff on all aspects of your design plans.

You can also order online, for shipping anywhere in Australia. We offer live chat for all your queries, and you can also call us direct. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Our aim is to go over and above your expectations for a great service from a company that knows all about wood wall panelling.

In a nutshell

Plyco’s Easycraft products are popular for good reason! DIY experts, designers, and home-improvers are impressed with all they have to offer — a great look and design. Quality, durability, flexibility and STYLE.

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