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The Plyco Guide to Legnoply

Greetings laser-cutting legends, handicraft heroes and praiseworthy pyrographers! With the growth in popularity of our Micropanel and Laserply collections, we've heard many of you are seeking an even lighter finished product. Perhaps even one with standardised thicknesses across products and - dare we say - more exotic veneer options. Well, meet Legnoply.



This guide is Plyco’s introductory overview of everything you need to know about Legnoply. Here you’ll find details on what it is, what options are available and how it stacks up against the formidable Micropanel and Laserply products when it comes time to laser cutting.

As laser cutting machines become more accessible to the home hobbyist and DIYer, there's never been a better time to join Plyco's growing laser cutting community. So dive in and discover why Legnoply might be the perfect product for your next project!

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is Legnoply?

Legnoply represents the next step in our push to meet the evolving needs of our laser cutting community. This new collection comprises a total of six stunning timber veneers pressed onto an FSC Certified, engineered Italian Poplar core. Combining E0 adhesives with an engineered Poplar core, Legnoply offers increased stability and a lighter weight alternative to our famous Micropanel and Laserply collections.

With a lighter, stronger finished product it's possible to imagine new applications for the range. From gravity defining jewellery to more robust signage that's easier to install, the possibilities are infinite. And with exotic timber veneers not found on any other ready-made Plyco panels, this range will be as eye-catching as ever.


What Types of Legnoply Are There?

For the launch of Legnoply, Plyco will offer six unique timber veneers: American Cherry, Queensland Coachwood, Queensland Cherry, Canadian Rock Maple, Victorian Ash and European White Ash. As you can tell, the Plyco experts have sought to strike a balance between exotic foreign species and those proudly sourced from Australia!

And while we're on the topic of supporting local, it's worth noting all Legnoply products are made right here in Australia. Using local labour, all local and imported timber veneers are pressed onto the engineered poplar core using E0 adhesives at our Melbourne manufacturing facility. So you can feel great about making your Legnoply purchase!


Top Properties of Legnoply

While there's a lot to like about Legnoply, it's the core that makes it unique. At the heart of Legnoply is an FSC Certified, engineered European Poplar Core. Sourced from sustainable European poplar plantations, this core has been structurally enhanced to achieve superior strength while maintaining its lightweight appeal. 

Unlike alternatives from Northern Asia, European Poplar is sustainably sourced and is considerably lighter than its Asian peers. The assurances on quality rating is also superior, as is the elimination of all core gaps. Such factors would create undesirable results when placed under the heat of a laser cutting/engraving machine or pyrography pen. 


Legnoply Dimensions

In addition to the above benefits, Plyco's Legnoply also provides a convenient form factor. Shipping at 600 x 300 x 3mm, each product in the range offers standardised dimensions specifically suited for those of a bed in a laser cutting machine. Not only does this ensure affordable national shipping from our Fairfield showroom, but for the professionals in our laserply community this ensures consistent results, day in day out.

Legnoply Product Features

  • Convenient size: 600 x 300mm (packs of six available).

  • Lightweight profile: our lightest handy panel range for laser cutting.

  • Enhanced strength: engineered Poplar core with E0 adhesives.

  • Consistent thickness: standardised 3mm finished thickness.

  • Responsibly sourced: FSC Certified substrate. Timber veneers sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Download the product brochure for Plyco's new Legnoply range

Legnoply Applications

Any wood product that can take advantage of laser cutting is naturally going to be perfect for a multitude of applications, purely thanks to all of the weird and wonderful shapes and designs you can cut. Many of the cuts we see our customers making blow our minds — it seems like they shouldn’t be possible with a humble sheet of plywood or MDF.

Having said that, there are quite a few applications we often see as a result of laser cutting, which are perfect for Legnoply. These include jewellery, cake toppers, signage, clocks, and lamps. We’ve even seen customers design gorgeous handbags! Check out our social media pages to see examples of what our talented customers make with these laser products.

Local plywood supplier Plyco's Mornington manufacturing facility

Where can I buy Legnoply?

The only place to buy Legnoply is right here at Plyco. From Laserply to Legnoply, we offer the most comprehensive range of plywood and MDF panels tailored for laser cutting. Our team of plywood experts have years of experience designing wood products that work in harmony with your laser cutter and are happy to help you with your project!

When you combine our Legnoply with our existing Laserply and Micropanel products, Plyco becomes a one stop shop for all of your laser cutting materials.

If you’re looking to buy Legnoply today get in touch with us today. Our entire Legnoply range can be shopped via our online store. Alternatively, You can reach us via phone or email, or come down and pay us a visit in person. Our showroom is open to the public, so you can get hands on with everything we sell.

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