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Melbourne Design Week

Plyco has the great privilege of sponsoring the Melbourne Design Week event, "A Chair For Colin: Big Ideas For Small Footprint Furniture" . Event ends 21/03/22.

Presented by Never Too Small, and sponsored by both Plyco and Assemble Communities, the exhibition centres on the search for dynamic, multi-purpose furniture for contemporary apartment living. 

So who exactly is Colin? Colin's all of us! All of us who want a chair that also doubles as a coffee table, book shelf, storage compartment, guitar stand or any other application that would help us save on space and reduce our footprint. 

plyco-melbourne-design-week-02As more and more people in the world choose to live in small apartments like Colin’s 40sqm home, there will be more people looking for furniture designed for these spaces. So why isn’t there more choice when it comes to furniture suited to small footprint living?

This exhibition sets out to find ideas and pathways to creating and making thoughtfully designed, multifunctional and affordable furniture for Colin and the millions of others just like him. Is it possible to make designer furniture more democratic while still prioritising sustainability and longevity? Could it be that the answer is a simple but expertly designed template that people could use to craft their own piece of made-to-last designer furniture?

What about repurposing common materials found around the home or salvaged materials? How might people be empowered to become makers themselves? Or, connect with makers in their communities to meet their unmet small footprint furniture needs?


 "A Chair For Colin: Big Ideas For Small Footprint Furniture"  is a free, ticketed event running from March 17th - March 20th 2022. Book your tickets today and explore the future for inner-city furniture design!


Aileen Lord
Ben Edwards and Nancy Beka
Like Butter
Marta Figueiredo
Nicholas Gurney & Jake Diaz
Nic Agius & Lee Gratton




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