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Plywood Cut To Size Updates

New cut-to-size updates have arrived.

Attention all DIY enthusiasts and professional builders! As we carve our way into 2024, Plyco is thrilled to announce we're "cutting the crap", providing updates to our Cut to Size (CTS) service that are sure to measure up to your high standards.


CNC Precision is Now Just a Click Away

First up, we've reopened our CNC service to Australian customers. This means you can now enjoy intricately cut pieces with jaw-dropping precision. Whether it's plywood, MDF, or particle board cut to size, our state-of-the-art CNC machines are revved up and ready to turn your digital designs into a tangible reality. For a list of what's possible with our CNC service, be sure to read our CNC specifications PDF.


New Beam Saw in the Workshop

We've also expanded our arsenal with a brand-new beam saw. This addition is not just a cut above – it's a whole new level of efficiency and precision. Large panels are now transformed into your custom sizes with even greater speed and accuracy.

Our CTS Team is Growing

With the expansion of our CTS service, we've bolstered our team with expert craftsmen who are the cream of the crop. Their expertise ensures that every cut is made with the utmost care, and every finish is smooth as silk.

Reduced Lead Times: Fast-Tracking Your Projects

We've trimmed down the lead times, ensuring that your materials are on their way to you faster than ever before. This upgrade to our services means your projects can proceed without a hitch, keeping you on schedule and on budget.

We know that the devil is in the details, so we invite you to check out our earlier articles for Plyco's top tips for cutting plywood and introducing Plyco's plywood CNC cutting service. And if you've got questions or need a bit of guidance, our contact page is your gateway to our friendly team of woodworking experts.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to our Plywood Cut to Size page to see the full spectrum of options available. From the grain to the cut, we're here to help you piece together your woodworking dreams.

Let's make 2024 the year of making the right cuts – with Plyco, your project is in the best of hands.cut-to-size-cta


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