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The Plyco Guide to Decoply

The Plyco Guide to Decoply


Decoply is a laminated plywood sheet product made exclusively in our Melbourne manufacturing plant using a high-pressure laminate (HPL) pressed onto Birch Plywood. The panels are made to order utilising our Décor range of stunning HPL laminate colours.

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Decoply is available in a 2400 x 1200mm sheet size and is available in 8 different thicknesses (4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 24mm, 30mm). The wide variation in thickness allows this product to be suitable for a seemingly endless amount of applications, as at one end of the scale you have the immense strength of a 30mm sheet, while at the other end you have lighter and more nimble thicknesses to be utilised.

Download Plyco's Decoply Plywood Laminate Brochure

Decoply Options

At Plyco, we offer a mind-blowing 13 different colour options in our Decoply range. These colours fall into one of two categories; solid pastel laminate colours and woodgrain colours.

Pastel Colours

There are 10 solid laminate colours covering pretty much every single colour of the rainbow. We offer two different blacks with our Raven and Charcoal options. Raven is a more “traditional” black, while Charcoal has a hint of grey to its colouring for those projects where you don’t want a deep, dark black. Most companies would think to offer multiple options in black is unnecessary, but at Plyco we strive to have every customer’s needs covered.

All of the colours in Plyco's Decoply laminated plywood spectrum

However, not all of the love is just being shown to our black colours, as we also have multiple whites and Slate (our grey option) to throw into the mix too. Snow is a pure white that is joined alongside by Cream and Cloud. Cream is a soft white colouring with a slight hint of yellow, while Cloud mixes white and grey together to create a much softer version of Slate.

The other colours that Plyco offer are a vibrant range of pastels. These colours are:

Mint - A bright and fresh light green

Sky - A vibrant and light pastel blue

Orange - An eye-popping orange

Rust - A unique metallic orange-brown earthy colour


Plyco's vibrant, pastel Mint Decoply leaves a memorable impression

Woodgrain Colours

Finally, we have our woodgrain colours. These three laminates are vastly different from the solid colours as they invoke a more organic, woodgrain look. Our Graphite Oak is a light brown in colour, while Chocolate Oak is at the other end of the spectrum; a dark brown with very fine grain detail. Lastly, we have White Oak, which boasts a light blonde colour.


bm hall kitchens using plyco's raven decoply

A wardrobe made entirely from Plyco's Raven Decoply by BM Hall Kitchens

In combining the beauty of our high-pressure laminates with the unmatched quality of our Premium Birch Plywood, it's perfect for a diverse range of applications. One of the most common applications we see Decoply used for is shop fitting. It’s a natural fit (pardon the pun) because of the huge range of colours available. This means there’s a whole host of unique looks that Plyco can offer your fit out, from neutral blacks and whites to Mint or Orange that really pops and is sure to catch the eye of anybody who sees it.

Similarly, Decoply lends itself perfectly to furniture making and cabinetry. One of the big benefits here is that you already have a ready-made finish to the product, meaning you don’t have to spend time finishing the product after you’ve put together your masterpiece!

plyco's mint green decoply in use

Kidstar's learning tower made from our Mint Decoply

Another of Decoply’s standout applications is its use in the creation of stunning tabletops. The ultra-smooth finish of Decoply makes it perfect for kitchen counters, benchtops, cafe tables, and anything in between. With the strength of Plyco’s signature Birch Plywood at its core, it will also be able to withstand all the trials, tribulations, and trauma that come with being a high-use piece of furniture.

If all this Decoply talk has got your heart racing, check out our complete Decoply range in our online store. You can browse every option and even request a sample pack of all the colours, so you can truly try before you buy!


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