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Answering The Most Frequently Asked Plywood Questions

During the course of a regular week here at Plyco we’re asked many questions. Some of these questions we have addressed specifically through in-depth blog posts or on our frequently asked questions page. However, this week we thought we’d have some fun and look at the most commonly asked questions about plywood according to Google’s auto-fill function.

Using a rapid-fire format, we’re going to try and provide clear answers to a number of burning questions the woodworking community has. We’re sure many of you have searched a few of these questions yourself, and hopefully this can be of some assistance to those of you who are still out there searching for answers.

Is Plywood Waterproof? Can Plywood Get Wet?

No, plywood is not waterproof. In fact, no wood product can be truly considered “waterproof”. However, Marine Plywood exists for those of you wanting to use plywood in wet areas. While it might not technically be waterproof, Marine Plywood is used for boat building, so it gets the job done.


Is Plywood Strong?

One of the most common misconceptions about plywood is that it’s of poorer or weaker quality just because it’s more affordable. This couldn’t be further from the truth! If you’re after something that is sturdy, any of our thicker options can be relied on without a second thought. There’s no way you can call a monster 40mm sheet of Bamboo Plywood weak!

Is Plywood Lighter Than MDF?

This depends on the type of plywood that is being compared to MDF. A sheet of Poplar Plywood will generally be lighter, but many other varieties will be heavier. This is a question that needs to be answered on a case-by-case basis.

Is Plywood Sustainable? Is Plywood Environmentally Friendly?

Yes! All of Plyco’s plywood products are sourced from sustainable plantations around the globe. The most sustainable and environmentally friendly product we offer is Bamboo, which we have detailed in-depth previously.


Plyco's Bamboo Plywood

Is Plywood Hardwood or Softwood?

Plywood utilises both hardwood and softwood species, allowing you to pick depending on your personal preferences.

Is Plywood Toxic?

No. Plyco ensures that all of the materials used in our manufacturing process, such as the glue, are non-toxic.

Is Plywood Cheap?

Plywood products with lower face grades can be quiet affordable, but in general, plywood is extremely cost effective when compared to other timber products. You can check out our full collection through our online store to compare prices.


Plyco's Black Spotless Laminate Plywood

Can You Paint Plywood?

Painting plywood is extremely common. Many people like to keep the natural look and feel of their plywood, but also add a splash of colour to it at the same time. This is the most popular alternative to using a coloured laminate.

Where Was Plywood Invented?

The first sheets of Plywood were manufactured in England, however, it exploded in popularity once it made its way to America, where industrial production began.

When Was Plywood Invented?

According to historians, the first recorded evidence of a plywood type product dates back to 1797, when Samuel Bentham applied for patents that essentially described the plywood manufacturing process.

Why Was Plywood Invented?

The major reasons for the creation of plywood were that it was cheaper and the manufacturing process was a lot simpler than many of the other options at the time.

What is Marine Grade Plywood?

Marine Grade Plywood is a subset of plywood that has been officially certified to be able to withstand exposure to water and moisture. Various processes are used to achieve this certification, such as using different types of glue and eliminating core gaps. Marine Plywood also falls under two classifications: British Standard and Australian standard. To learn more you can check out Plyco’s Official Guide to Marine Plywood.

What is OSB Plywood?

OSB stands for Oriented Strand Board. This is a wood product that is manufactured by a unique process, involving the layering of strands and flakes of plywood at various angles. At Plyco, we offer Poplar OSB.


Plyco's Poplar OSB

Who Uses Plywood?

A better question would be “who doesn’t use plywood?” — absolutely anyone and everyone uses it! Whether it’s high profile architects, tradies, DIY warriors, or arts and crafts hobbyists, you’ll be hard pressed to find somebody who can’t find a use for plywood. One its greatest strengths is that it is so versatile and can be applied in an astounding amount of ways.

Why is Plywood Used?

Plywood is used for too many reasons to list. Some of the most common reasons are that it’s cost effective, can be used in a wide variety of applications, and that it is relatively light compared to other timber products. There are also more unique reasons, such as its ability to be used with laser cutters.

How Much is a Sheet of Plywood?

Sheets of plywood at Plyco can range from costing not much more than a price that you could pay for with loose change, all the way up to hundreds of dollars per sheet. We’re confident that we have a price range to suit every customer. You can check out our online store to get a better understanding of what your desired sheet will cost.


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