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Introducing Laserply Club

Welcome To The Club! Introducing Plyco’s Reward Program, Laserply Club.

What’s New?

In trying to give back to our precious customers of Laserply products at Plyco, we figured there were few better ways of doing so than running a rewards program. Consider it a late Christmas gift, or our way of thanking you for your continuous patronage of our store. Every dollar helps us continue to provide our Aussie-made plywood and timber, for which we are very grateful!

How to Be a Smart Shopper with Plyco

We strive for the very best in our customer service, and the same goes for our customer rewards program. (With free gifts and discounts, it’s pretty hard to go wrong!) So, how can you make the most of our latest initiative?

Other than boosting your credit score by purchasing our expertly-crafted goods, you can “expertly” improve your points haul through completing an array of simple tasks. You can gain more points by: 

  1. Following our Instagram account.

  2. Writing product reviews.

  3. Successfully referring your friends and family* 

Simple, right?

Each dollar spent with Plyco is equivalent to one reward point. Add in your extra task rewards, and you can really get the ball rolling! 

*Note: A successful referral requires a referred person to make an initial purchase of at least $50.

In the meantime, rewards and discounts are only applicable to Laserply products. If you want to access our full list, you can easily check out our Laserply product collection. Our premium online collection is an assortment of our available Laser plywood. While it’s best to visit our online catalogue so that you don’t miss out on deals and new products, we also have a downloadable PDF copy of the list.

Laserply Club call to actionSome Reminders Before You Get Started

Registration is free at Laserply Club – just start stocking your basket full of our online items and you’re good to go! While our rewards program is certainly free to join, it’s exclusive, however, to Plyco’s Laserply community. That’s why there is no better day to start saving up on points than now.

To gain membership and access to exclusive deals, simply create an account on our website, fill in the required details, and confirm your email. After these few simple steps, you’re ready to make the most of the incredible deals on offer. And, if you’re already an existing member, you can just log in to view your current stash points and rewards. Easy so far, isn’t it?

Our website is also built for easy browsing, so you won’t get lost along the way. Once you visit our webpage, you can easily find a small orange button with the word “Rewards” on it. It’s located at the lower right corner. Clicking on it directs you to the log-in page, and from there, you can see your rewards credit after signing in. 

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The Nitty Gritty

There’s also no need to worry about points expiring. They are there for a lifetime (unless you spend them, of course!) So, feel free to use your stockpile of points whenever suits you. Laserply Club points are a gift from us to you! 

In the instance of product returns, all points garnered from that purchase are likewise subtracted from your account.

This newly proposed rewards system is fast, easy, and 100% customer-friendly. Shopping for accessible home design has already been made easier, and with the launch of this club, it’s now made more efficient and engaging with the vast community of wood aficionados. 

Plyco Laserply always delivers quality in its long-standing status as one of Australia’s pioneering plywood suppliers – and we take it one meaningful step at a time. 


These methods of earning more credit are simply our way of giving you more leverage to further enjoy the Laserply experience. For now, points can only be gained and redeemed from buying said products online, but it doesn’t mean that our offers stop there. Remember that this is still the initial launch of our rewards program, so expect more offers soon! 

With Plyco, smart shopping is more than just a shopping bag filled with finely chosen goods. Start trading in your hard-earned reward points and you’ll gain access to a whole other world of luxury shopping at Plyco! 

For other concerns not included in this discussion, our Customer Support team is readily available 24/7. You can get in touch with us by sending an email at You can also seek help through our contact page. 

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