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Laminex Surround: The Block's Secret Weapon!

The Block is back, and so too is Laminex Surround.

Ever sat back, watched an episode of The Block, and wondered, "How on earth did they achieve that stunning transformation?" The secret often lies in the details, like the choice of materials. As the curtains rise on the 19th season of The Block, Plyco is ecstatic to spotlight its show-stopping range: Surround by Laminex. If you're yearning for a home makeover that's both chic and sustainable, this is your moment.

Surround by Laminex used for a master bedroom feature wall on an episode of The Block in 2022

A Star On The Block

The Block, known for its high standards and innovative designs, has consistently showcased Laminex Surround. In 2021, Ronnie and Georgia used Scallop 45 for this stunning feature wall in the master bedroom. And last year, Rachel and Ryan used Surround by Laminex to create a memorable aesthetic in their Hallway, Laundry and Mudroom. In both homes the decorative wall lining provided an awe inspiring transformation, providing a freshness that gave it a real 'wow' factor".

This season promises to be no different!

Surround by Laminex used for a hallway and mud room on an episode of The Block in 2021

Versatility Meets Sustainability

From lavish living room walls to modern kitchen splashbacks, Surround by Laminex seamlessly fits into any space. Its adaptability ensures your design remains unique. As we see from contestants in The Block, the sleek finish, combined with a diverse colour palette, ensures it complements any design vision, be it contemporary chic or vintage elegance.

While its versatile aesthetic turns heads, it's the eco-friendly nature of Laminex Surround that ensures it appears again and again on the list of suppliers for The Block. Sustainably sourced in accordance with international standards, this product from Laminex Australia is also hard wearing and impact-resistant, guarantees longevity and ensures your design remain timeless.

Surround By Laminex available to buy from Melbourne plywood supplier Plyco

The Block's Legacy and Laminex Surround

Since its inception, The Block has been a trendsetter, pushing the boundaries of design and innovation. Over the years, we've seen contestants tackle heritage-listed homes, renovate apartments, and even transform old factories. Through all these challenges, one thing remained consistent: the need for top-tier materials. This is where Laminex Surround has proven invaluable, offering contestants a blend of style and substance.

Join the Plyco Revolution

As Australia's leading plywood supplier, Plyco is at the forefront of blending form and function. With Laminex Surround, we're not just offering plywood; we're offering a canvas for your artistic expression. If you're looking for a free sample of this stunning MDF wall panel product, they're available to order via our website.

Ready to embark on your design journey? Dive deep into the world of Laminex Surround with Plyco. And for those eager to see it in action, don't miss the upcoming episodes of The Block. Experience the magic, get inspired, and remember: every breathtaking transformation starts with a single board. Click here to explore the collection.


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