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Plyco's New Wet Area Range

Introducing Plyco's wet and wild Wet Area collection.

After many years of customer requests, Plyco is proud to announce the arrival of a range of products tailored specifically for wet areas. A complement to our longstanding Marine Plywood collection, this range of 22 wet area panels from manufacturers Laminex and ForestOne is bound to make a splash amongst builders and DIYers. 


Laminex Aquapanel: An OG

Laminex Aquapanel is long been the go-to for builders seeking both functionality and ease of installation in wet area wall surfaces. This robust solution from Laminex is perfect for settings that demand both durability and style, like shower recesses and laundry walls. With its non-porous, grout-free design, Laminex Aquapanel not only looks sleek but is also a breeze to maintain, saving builders and homeowners alike from the fuss of mould and extensive upkeep. It's the ideal, cost-effective alternative to traditional ceramic tiling, allowing for simple DIY installation without sacrificing a polished look.

Full range of Laminex Aquapanels available to buy online at Plyco

This product doesn’t just hold up to the demands of wet environments—it’s also covered by a 7-year Limited Product Warranty, ensuring peace of mind long after installation. With a variety of modern textures and decors, including tiled and ripple patterns, Laminex Aquapanel can integrate seamlessly into any design. It works effortlessly with the broader Laminex range, enabling a cohesive look throughout any space. Available in multiple sizes and finishes, and with a selection of colour-matched fixing systems, Laminex Aquapanel offers flexibility and a high-end finish for any commercial or domestic project.

To read more technical information, download your Laminex Aquapanel brochure here.


Introducing WallART Wet Area Panels

Meet the WallART range by ForestOne, the newest addition to Plyco's lineup of wet area solutions. Designed with builders in mind, these panels offer a practical yet stylish alternative to traditional tiling for any indoor space that sees moisture - think bathrooms, laundries, and shower recesses. WallART panels are built tough, constructed from high-pressure laminate that stands up to impacts far better than ceramic tiles and holds its colour without fading. This durability means you can install WallART panels with confidence, knowing they’re made to last.

Full range of ForestOne WallART Wet Area panels available to buy online from local supplier, Plyco

WallART panels are also non-porous, so they resist humidity and won't attract mould, cutting down on cleaning time and maintenance hassles. Aesthetically pleasing and available in a variety of contemporary designs, WallART panels offer a streamlined finish and grout-free simplicity, ensuring that builders can deliver modern, clean-lined projects quickly and efficiently. Installation is a snap with our easy-to-follow guide, giving you the chance to provide a high-end look without the high costs and extended timelines.

To read more technical information, download your WallART product brochure here.

Designed for Durability and Style

The introduction of Plyco's Wet Area Panel range invites you to rethink the design of your bathrooms and kitchens. With both Aquapanel and WallART available in a standardised, easy-to-install 2400 x 1200 x 3mm sheet size, picking between them comes down to a matter of preference. Both are robust enough to withstand the rigours of high moisture environments and are designed for places where imagination flows as freely as water.

So, transform your space into a personal sanctuary and create a "splash" with Plyco's new Wet Area collection. Shop online or visit our stores where you'll find yourself in a waterproof wonderland.


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