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Plyco's Plywood Paradise: Cliffside Villa

We've teleported you to a deserted island, we've transported you to the desert and even taken you to a cyberpunk art studio. This next instalment in our series on imaginative spaces is a breathtaking one, showing what's possible when stone and sustainable plywood collide. Presenting the European Cliffside Villa of your dreams.

Living room featuring sustainable plywood materials in Plyco's imaginative cliffside villa

Oceanview Living Room

Step into the serene living space where the natural beauty of plywood seamlessly merges with the rugged elegance of the cliffside retreat. The ceiling, with its warm wooden tones, complements the textured stone walls and the smooth, cool concrete floor, creating a harmonious blend of materials. Plywood shelves and cabinets add a soft, organic touch to the kitchen area. A simple, sturdy dining table crafted from the same material sits ready for a shared meal, while the open layout ensures the breathtaking view of the sea is always in sight.

The living room is a tranquil haven of comfort, furnished with plush sofas dressed in natural fabrics, inviting relaxation. A low plywood coffee table anchors the space, encouraging leisurely afternoons with a book or a casual gathering at sunset. The expansive sliding glass door frames the picturesque ocean, blurring the lines between the cozy interior and the grandeur of the cliffside environment, infusing the villa with the calming essence of the sea.

Bathroom featuring sustainable plywood materials in Plyco's imaginative cliffside villa


As you step into the bathroom, the first thing that captures your attention is the luxurious freestanding bathtub, elegantly poised near a floor-to-ceiling window. The natural light spills in, illuminating the rounded corners of the tub and casting playful reflections on the creamy stone marble floors. Outside, the expansive view of the azure ocean stretches to the horizon, framed perfectly by the window like a living masterpiece. The gentle sounds of the waves crashing against the cliffside provide a soothing, rhythmic backdrop, enhancing the serene atmosphere of this personal retreat.

Around the room, the minimalist decor complements the natural beauty that peeks through the window. Chic, understated fixtures in brushed nickel, from the sleek faucets to the towel racks, reflect a modern aesthetic that contrasts beautifully with the rugged, natural exterior. Notes of sea salt meander through the air, mingling with the freshness of the ocean breeze that sneaks in when you slightly open the window. The soft, fluffy towels on a nearby rack invite a touch, promising comfort and warmth after a long, relaxing soak in the tub, making every moment in this bathroom a luxurious escape from the world outside.

Dining room with a coastal view featuring stone and sustainable plywood materials in Plyco's imaginative cliffside villa

Dining Room

In the dining room, the architecture continues to melt into the rugged contours of the cliff's interior. The cavernous space is sculpted from the stone itself, creating an intimate cocoon that feels both primeval and contemporary. Light filters in through the large glass panels that separate the indoors from the sun-drenched terrace, highlighting the natural textures and warm hues of the sandstone walls. The dining table, crafted from local plantation-grown Italian Poplar, anchors the room with its substantial presence. The smooth, round-backed wooden chairs encircle it in a welcoming embrace, inviting guests to sit and linger over a meal.

Above the table, a sculptural pendant light hangs like a piece of modern art, its form an abstract contrast to the ancient rock that surrounds it. The simplicity of the decor — a few ceramic pieces and a vibrant bouquet of wildflowers — adds a touch of elegance without competing with the grandeur of the panoramic ocean views just outside.
Guest bedroom in an imaginative cliffside villa from local plywood supplier, Plyco

Guest Bedroom

The bedroom of the cliffside villa is a serene blend of the rustic and the refined, with its raw stone walls and organic textures creating a peaceful retreat. A luxurious king-sized bed sits under the soft glow of lighting in the naturally contoured ceiling and is surrounded by elements of woven lighting and weathered plywood that echo the rugged beauty outside. Through the expansive glass doors, the rhythm of the sea whispers in, marrying the comfort of the plush linens with the freshness of the ocean breeze. The room extends to a terrace where a daybed awaits, offering a perfect nook for relaxation, making the space a seamless sanctuary that captures the essence of its stunning seaside setting.

Main bedroom in an imaginative cliffside villa from local plywood supplier, Plyco

Main Bedroom

The tour of tranquillity continues as we enter the villa's second bedroom. Whether it's technically the guest or the main bedroom is a matter of semantics, but it's surely as stunning. With unadorned stone walls, it offers a more pared-back and earthy ambience compared to the guest bedroom. The decor is understated yet sophisticated, featuring a low-lying bed and natural textiles, which give the space a calm, grounding energy. Unlike the guest bedroom's cosy and enclosed feel, this room feels more expansive and airy feel, offering another sense of scale before the rugged coastal landscape.

Beautiful private study in a cliffside European retreat with plywood panels from Plyco

Study Area

Moving now to the study, we see a continuation of the seamless blend of natural elements in the gorgeous creative refuge. A desk carved from NFG Blackbutt and a custom-designed chair sat sit against the backdrop of curvaceous stone shelves laden with books. Light from a stylish floor lamp dances across the workspace, complemented by the natural light spilling through an organically shaped window that frames the azure sea beyond. The room's stone walls and flowing ceiling create a cocoon-like atmosphere that resonates with the sound of waves; if you've ever wanted to publish your own memoirs this would be the place to do it!

Imaginative wine cellar in a European cliffside villa from Australian plywood supplier, Plyco

Wine Cellar

This simply wouldn't be a European villa without a selection of wines kept in a well-maintained cellar. Nestled within the villa’s stony embrace, your wine cellar is a treasure trove of vintages from across the Mediterranean. Here, the walls balance rugged stone with Blackwood veneers pressed onto Birch Plywood for shelves brimming with the sweetest of berries. As if the cliff itself were toasting to good health, each shelf is laden with wines whispering tales of sun-soaked vineyards and moonlit toasts. The promise of stories and spirits waiting to unfold is as palpable as the cool touch of the cellar's rocky alcove, where glasses stand at the ready, anticipating the clink of a celebratory cheer in the comfort of this subterranean hideaway.


Outdoor Staircase

With its practical plywood steps, the descent to water level is a not-so-secret pleasure of yours. Cut from sustainable plywood flooring to fit snugly into the natural stone contours of the cliff, the stairs are a joy to behold. The light plywood provides a sturdy and eco-friendly path that contrasts nicely with the rough stone walls, blending the modern with the ancient. These steps aren't just about aesthetics; they're built to be used, connecting the different levels of the home with simple functionality and a nod to environmentally conscious living. It's a straightforward, no-fuss design that gets you where you need to go while keeping in step with the villa's commitment to sustainability.

Exterior shot of an AI inspired cliffside villa from local plywood supplier, Plyco


This cliffside villa exemplifies practical luxury, combining modern comforts with environmental consciousness. Each room is designed with efficiency and style in mind, ensuring that living spaces are both comfortable and eco-friendly, seamlessly integrating with the natural surroundings for a sustainable lifestyle. If you're feeling inspired, contact Plyco to make your dream plywood project a reality!


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