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PlyPal Trade Discount Program

Introducing Plyco’s PlyPal Trade Discount Program! 
Plyco's PlyPal Trade Program available for Australian builders
Attention builders! Are you looking for a way to save money on your future projects?
Look no further than Plyco’s new PlyPal trade program! With terrific discounts and exclusive perks, our top tradies can gain unbeatable prices at Plyco. Plus, you won’t have to worry about paper loyalty cards or complex applications; your membership is activated the moment you log in to our website. So get ready to ply the palms of your hands with joy! 
List of eligible discounts available to Australian builders in Plyco's PlyPal Program

What Does PlyPal Offer? 

The list of PlyPal perks is enormous. PlyPal members get unbeatable trade prices on all of our top-quality construction products. You'll get a whopping 15% off Plywood Flooring, 12.5% off CD Structural, and 10% off a whole bunch of other products like Birch Plywood, CD Non-Structural, and MDF. We've even thrown in discounts on our Plywood Braceply and renowned exterior wall cladding product Shadowclad for good measure.
For a full list of products discounted products in Plyco’s PlyPal program, download our brochure. These recurring offers are not available anywhere else online. Additionally, PlyPal members will also receive updates on upcoming sales, promotions and new products!
Plywood trade discount program Plyco registration steps

How Do I Join?

Joining PlyPal is fast and easy. Simply head to our PlyPal application page and complete the short form. Within three business days you´ll receive a message from us confirming your application has been successful. The last step is creating an online account and logging in to start seeing discounted prices!
Once your application is approved, PlyPal members will receive exclusive discounts and access to special offers upon logging in. Not only does this make it easier for tradespeople to purchase their supplies from us, but it also eliminates the need for paper loyalty cards or special discount codes.
We want builders in our tradie community to enjoy their shopping experience with us as much as possible; that’s why we created a simple rewards program that makes it easy for you to save money while you shop. Just signup, get approved and start saving right away! 
Call to action link for local plywood supplier Plyco's trade discount program

Is PlyPal available in-store?

You’re in luck! Plyco’s PlyPal Trade Discount Program is also available for customers who visit our showrooms in Fairfield and Mornington. If you prefer store pickups, ordering over the phone, or just a chat with one of our lovely plywood experts, we’ve thought of you! All you need to do is mention your name and email address used for your PlyPal application and our team will apply the discount to your customer record. 
 So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start experiencing all of the amazing benefits that come with being a member of Plyco's PlyPal rewards program! With unbeatable prices just around the corner, there's never been a better time to ply-up your savings game. So grab those tools from the shed because it's time to start building—and saving—with confidence thanks to Plyco's new rewards program!

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