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New PlyPal Products: Interior Caravan Wall Panels

Announcing the first batch of new additions to Plyco's trade discount program, PlyPal. 

Less than four months after the launch of PlyPal, the program has now been expanded to our caravan community. Our range now includes a 12.5% discount on some of our most popular lightweight products tailored for caravan interior wall panels: Vanply, Alkorcell and White Polyester Plywood.


What is PlyPal?

Launched in late 2023, PlyPal is Plyco's trade rewards program designed to celebrate and support our caravan plywood suppliers and customers. Easy to sign up, PlyPal rewards registered builders and tradespeople with exclusive discounts on select products. It's our way of contributing to the community that's always supported us. Register now and upon approval, watch as discounts automatically apply to your purchases, including our specialised range for caravan fit-outs.

Plyco's PlyPal trade discount program featuring our 12mm, 15mm and 18mm Vanply interior panels

Product #1 Vanply (12 - 18mm)

One of the newest members of the Plyco family, Vanply offers a decorative charm to your caravan interior wall panels. Manufactured in Melbourne, Vanply panels are a decorative timber laminate surface pressed onto lightweight BC Falcata Plywood, making it ideal for interior caravan ceilings, wall panels and cabinetry. From today, this ultimate companion for your caravan's makeover is now eligible for PlyPal discounts on all 12mm, 15mm and 18mm variants. This includes everything from our popular Cervantes Oak to new variants that will be released in 2024. 

Plyco's PlyPal trade discount program featuring the plywood supplier's 3mm Renolit Alkorcell interior wall panel

Product #2 Alkorcell (3mm)

Alkorcell brings German engineering to your caravan wall panels. Featuring a white, polypropylene-based film, it balances aesthetics with a host of practical benefits making it a marvel in surface design. As far as 3mm caravan interior wall panels go, Alkorcell stands out with its scratch-resistant, soundproof, and waterproof properties. For these reasons, Alkorcell is highly sought after amongst our caravan community as a top choice for wall panels, furniture, and joinery. 

Plyco's PlyPal trade discount program featuring the plywood supplier's 3mm White Polyester Plywood interior wall panel

Polyester #3: White Polyester Plywood (3mm)

Offering a similar aesthetic to Alkorcell, White Polyester Plywood is Plyco's offering for a sleek and durable solution to interior caravan wall panels. This composite product, featuring a premium white gloss, white matte or white embossed finish, is the definition of timeless elegance for caravans. 

With the addition of these newcomers to PlyPal, Plyco is proud to show its support for Australia's tight-knit caravan community. Register your application for PlyPal today help us bring your mobile dreams to life!

Call to action to register for Plyco's Trade Rewards Program, Plypal


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