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Rare Retro Laminates Available Now!

Low-rise jeans arent the only thing making a comeback these days. Plyco has travelled back in time to retrieve an exclusive selection of rare, "retro" laminates that are as nostalgic as they are chic.

Were not just a plywood supplier anymore, were also a vintage retailer (well, kind of).

Keep reading for all the details.


The Retro Laminate Range

When we say retro”, we dont just mean that these Formica and Laminex products are made to look like pieces of the past. These designs are vintage enough that theyre not even being made by manufacturers anymore. As such, we can only offer the Retro Laminates for as long as we have inventory.

There are 20 variations in the collection, covering everything from soft neutrals to beautiful greens and blues. Some of our favourite options are Autumn and Freshwater which have the iconic patterning so recognisable of vintage laminate.

Part of the pleasure of this Retro range is the memories it brings for anyone who grew up in homes with finishes like these. Theres a nostalgic appeal to these laminates, but as with all things of the past, theyve somehow come to feel fresh again. Thats the beauty of retro décor touches, they never really go out of style.

plyco-retro-laminate-range-2A Unique Touch

If you love our classic Decor Laminate, matte Spotless Laminate, or the Laminato products at Plyco but are looking for something a little more unexpected, the Retro range may be exactly what you need. 

Mining the past for décor can transform modern spaces and add intrigue where you least expect it. Our Retro Laminate collection is also perfect for anyone rejecting the modern look altogether. Perhaps this collection is your sign to go all in on the 80s maximalism aesthetic thats been popping up all over Pinterest and Instagram.

Whatever the style is that youre going for, this range has the potential to give a touch of the unique not just in how it references the past, but in how limited the availability is. You wont find these laminates being sold anywhere else. Weve got the last of the stock.

plyco-retro-lamiantes-blog-1Still Practical

As with all Plyco laminate products, we would never ask you to give up quality for the sake of aesthetics. This range may be vintage in style but the product is just as practical and hard-wearing as youd expect from your favourite plywood supplier. Like our other standard laminates, the Retro collection is best used for benchtops, tabletops, cabinetry, and wall panels.

The Retro Laminates are as versatile in use as always and weve made sure to include enough variations in the collection to suit a multitude of spaces and contexts.

The difference is simply that our retro offerings are a little more iconic than your average laminate. Whatever application you choose for them, theyre bound to be as distinctive as they are durable.


Are You Cool Enough?

The jurys still out on whether most of us can pull off low-rise jeans or cargo pants, but we can categorically say that youre cool enough for our Retro Laminates. 

Theyre a classic for a reason.

plyco-retro-lamiantes-blog-3Where to Find Our Retro Laminates

The Retro Laminate range is exclusive to Plyco. For more information on pricing, thickness, and the variations available, click here.

To shop this range of Formica and Laminex products, and more, you can order here online or visit us in person at our Fairfield or Mornington showrooms in Victoria. Due to the oversized/ fragile properties of the products, were currently only offering shipping to Victorian customers.

When it comes to pricing, we offer $60 shipping for Plyco customers in metropolitan and select regional Victorian areas in addition to our free store pickup option.

If you have anything else youd like to query, check out our FAQs or contact us directly. Move quickly though, we have limited stock of the Retro Laminates and wed hate for you to miss out.



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