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Updates To Laserply And Micropanel

Laserply Products and Shipping Updates

You've gone down the Pinterest rabbit hole again. You now have exactly 1,048 pins on your laser cutting board. Customers are wanting new products.

Time to stop scrolling. How about we start knocking out those projects?

You would need to sell a kidney to buy real wood, so that's not an option. Thankfully, you know laser plywood is a great solution for your creative endeavours.

It's time to go buy some new laser plywood. Lucky for you, Plyco has made some updates to the Laserply and Micropanel collections. 

Let's take a look at these exciting new offerings.

Laserply and Micropanel Collections

You already know how fantastic laser plywood is for handicrafts. People use it for creating jewellery, signs, and even purses. The composition of Laserply makes it ideal for laser cutting and engraving.

Our Micropanel line offers similar plywood sheets. Handicrafters can use them in the same applications as the Laserply line. However, they are not completely interchangeable.

There are differences in look, price, and even the amount of dust generated when cut. If your creation will stay outdoors, you'll need to carefully select the starting material. You should talk to us if you need help in determining which product best suits your application.

The biggest difference between our Laserply products and Micropanel products lies in their composition.

Laserply is a plywood product constructed from multiple layers of veneer. The base of Micropanel products is a Medium Density Fibre (MDF) substrate. Both products are pressed with a timber veneer to give the look of real solid wood.

These products are specifically designed so that they can be cut and etched with lasers. Handicrafters use them for all types of creations because they are well made and reliable.

Maybe you run a small business, or you like to play with lasers as a hobby. Either way, you can be sure that both Laserply and Micropanel products will give you a beautiful end product.

As an added bonus, the majority of these feature wood from sustainably-grown, Australian plantations. When creating your craft, you can have confidence that you're creating with local materials. 

As laser plywood suppliers, we constantly look for the best solutions for our customers. We are pleased to have new product updates to share with you.

Plyco laser plywood 6 packs now available from Melbourne

Craft Pack Updates

Small business owners love the option of purchasing multiple sheets of plywood at once. Previously, we offered craft packs containing four 300mm x 300mm sheets. We are excited to offer these same quality craft packs with 6 sheets, instead of 4.

And for the crafter who wants bigger sheets to work with, we have further good news. We now have pre-packaged 600mm x 300mm sheets available. The wood species available include Birch, American Walnut, Poplar, Hoop Pine, Eucalypt, NG Carb Bamboo, and Radiata.

These new, larger craft packs also come with 6 sheets. The thickness of each sheet varies between 2.5mm and 3mm, depending on which type you select. 

While these craft packs won't be available for preorder, they will dispatch the next business day. That means Sally the handicraft collector can get her hands on your creations quickly!

Plyco laserply circle 6 packs now available from Melbourne

New Laserply Circles

Does your project dictate the use of plywood? Do you create art out of circles? Perhaps you make coasters for songbirds that visit your outdoor birdfeeder.

Are you also spending significant amounts of work time just cutting circles out of your birch plywood? If you're a big fan of Laserply, we've got some great news for you.

For the first time ever, our Birch Laserply will be available in pre-cut circles! Save yourself some cutting time if your creation is of the circular variety. 

The circles come in diameters of 300, 400, 500, and 600mm. These new laser cut plywood circles are available in packs of 4.

Whether you want to engrave a coaster or a sign, we've got the perfect circle for you.

Plyco MDF Micropanel 6 pack bundles now available

Micropanel Bundles

Do you prefer using MDF panels? Perhaps your business focuses on coffee mats or decorative panels for furniture.

The Micropanel line provides a spin on the classic MDF panel. The synthetically manufactured substrate is a popular choice for people who want to minimise the number of trees needed for the product.

And now, you can get more for your money.

Our Micropanel line is now available in packs of 6 sheets. Like our new craft packs, these Micropanel packs won't be available for preorder, but they will be sent out the following business day. 

The Micropanel loose sheets will still be available for pre-order and in-stock purchase. But if you're looking for expedited delivery of your Micropanel sheets, you'll want to order the 6 packs.

MDF panels make an ideal surface for laser cutting applications. If you will need to do any traditional cutting for your project, be sure to pick up some safety gear when you get your bundle.

2.5mm Blackwood Laserply now available from Melbourne plywood supplier, Plyco

Blackwood Laserply

Love working with Blackwood? We're proud to announce that Blackwood Laserply is now available to purchase! With a rich golden brown face, honey brown sections and a distinctive grain detail, Blackwood Laserply is a delectable addition to our existing Laserply range.

Updates to Plyco

Our products aren't the only things that have gotten an update. Here at Plyco, we've worked hard to make changes in our business to better serve you.

You may have noticed that we updated our website to make your shopping experience more pleasant. Our Mornington factory recently moved into a new location that gives us more space. 

We have new racks that give us expanded space. Now we can offer more of the products you love, as well as these new ones. 

A new machine that we brought in from Italy gives us the ability to create quality plywood products in-house. These changes allow us to stand out as a stellar Melbourne plywood supplier.

The Best Plywood for Hobbyists and Creatives

Whether you're a jewellery maker, a 3D model artist, or you just like to play with lasers, you're sure to find a perfect fit with these new product offerings. Laserply and Micropanel products will give you a great handicraft, and Plyco has just what you need.

Come into our store, or check us out online. We would be happy to help you find the perfect laser plywood for your craftwork.

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