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Wait Times Cut in Half Thanks to Plyco’s New Beam Saw

Researchers estimate that we spend roughly two or three years of our lives waiting for things. Whether you’re waiting in line at the bank, waiting for that awesome new gadget to arrive in the mail, or just waiting for the rain to pass, waiting around is never much fun. At Plyco, we know waiting around is the least enjoyable part of buying Plywood. This is why we have designed our process specifically to minimise wait times, and with our newest addition wait times are set to grow even smaller.

Plyco would like to introduce the world to our new friend, “Hermes”!

Plyco's NIMAC Hermes 70 CNC machine

Say hello to Hermes!

Hermes has made the exhausting journey all the way from Greece to our Fairfield store, and is ready to sink its teeth into some Plywood sheets.

While Plyco’s pre-existing Cut-To-Size service offered convenience to customers who needed custom sized sheets, or just an easier way to transport their boards, our brand new beam saw is set to redefine the experience. Previously, all of Plyco’s cutting jobs were completed on Hermes bigger brother. While this saw gets the job done in spectacular fashion, the smaller cutting jobs were taking time away from the larger cutting tasks that it was specifically built for. This is where the new beam saw comes in. This saw is specifically designed for these smaller panels, allowing us to delegate each job to the saw that suits it best, cutting down lead times significantly.

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How does the new beam saw operate?

The NIMAC Hermes 70 CNC machine is on the cutting edge of CNC technology. It features a 5 axis controller, 3D real-time visualisation, and professional optimiser to give you precision cuts every single time. Its handy lifting table provides parallel lifting of sheets and is optimised for maximum productivity, meaning you’ll get your orders sooner than ever.

Our pre-existing beam saw can cut panels up to 3.6m long and can cut four 18mm sheets at once. In comparison, the new beam saw is designed for boards up to 2.9m in length and for three 18mm sheets at a time. While on paper it might seem like Hermes is the lesser option, that’s definitely the case. Despite being designed for smaller sheets, it’s still designed to deliver the most accurate cuts possible, meaning your sheet will look stunning no matter which beam saw is used.

Beam Saw

The machine is generally controlled by a single operator. The man at the controls for Plyco is Narsa, who is one of our CNC and panel saw gurus.

What jobs will be cut on this new beam saw?

As we mentioned, the “smaller” jobs will be delegated to this new beam saw, but you might be wondering what sorts of jobs will be utilising Plyco’s shiny new toy. Cutting veneer, stock of our Quadro Plywood, as well as our extraordinarily popular sample packs, will all fall under this beam saw’s duties. In general, any sheets that are able to fit onto this new machines will be cut here.

What does this mean for you?

The most important thing to know is that lead times will dramatically shrink. At the moment, Plyco’s lead time for cutting is around five days, which can be shorter or longer depending on how busy we are at a given time. With this new, smaller beam saw up and running we will be able to lower that wait time even further and even accommodate time-sensitive jobs that were previously impossible.


However, the shorter wait times will never come at the cost of the Plyco quality you’ve come to expect. Hermes is packed with state of the art cutting technology, so we will continue to deliver the most accurate Plywood cutting possible.

Sounds great, when can I take advantage of it?

Our brand new beam saw is up and running right now! If you’ve got a cutting job that needs taking care of head to our Cut To Size form where you can fill out all of your details and you’ll have your job underway faster than you can say “Hermes is here!”


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