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The Difference Between Bunnings Marine Plywood and Plyco Marine Plywood

This post is part of Plyco’s Guide to Marine Plywood and discusses the benefits of purchasing your Marine Plywood from Plyco over Bunnings. 


Here at Plyco, we’ll often encounter customers who ask us, in their first couple of questions, “What’s the difference between your Plywood and the Plywood I can find at Bunnings?” It’s actually a very good question, as on the surface it all just seems like regular old Plywood and there isn’t anything to separate them. In reality, the answer to that is actually far more complex and in-depth. To accurately sum up the differences and what sets Plyco’s Marine Plywood apart from a Bunnings Marine Plywood we put together this handy explanation as part of Plyco’s Guide to Marine Plywood.

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Quality of Life

Arguably, the most important factor that separates Marine Plywood you find at Bunnings to what you can find at Plyco is the quality. While you will find some AA-Grade Marine sheets when you step into your local Bunnings store, the difference in quality is night and day. Regarded as the Gold Standard for Marine Plywood, you won't find Hoop Pine AA Marine Plywood at Bunnings. Hoop Pine is the kind of board that every tradie has heard about and immediately knows that it’s something they can rely on. While Bunnings' Marine Hardwood isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, its properties when compared to Hoop Pine are drastically different.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Plyco's AA Hoop Marine Plywood

Choice is a wonderful thing. Sometimes too much choice can be a little paralysing, but having a choice of what to buy is always a lot better than being completely starved for choice. If you compare Plyco’s Marine Plywood range and Bunnings’ Marine Plywood range you’ll find one store offering different options for every type of customer, and one store offering something extremely limited.

At Plyco we have 4 unique Marine Plywood options available to customers. Our Eucalyptus Marine and Pacific Maple Marine are cheaper options that are perfect for the overwhelming majority of exterior applications. We then offer Gaboon Marine and Hoop Pine AA Marine more expensive options. These two products have an increased architectural appearance and are specifically designed to be used in boat building or for products that will constantly be submerged in water.

Similarly, Plyco also offers a greater variety in thickness and sheet size compared to Bunnings’ Marine Plywood range. The top of the range Marine product at Bunnings comes in just 4 different thicknesses, while their other option is available in one thickness and one sheet size. Each of Plyco’s Marine Plywood boards has between 5 and 7 different thicknesses to choose from, giving you greater flexibility when planning your project.

Better Marine Plywood Prices

Another significant difference between Bunnings and Plyco is pricing. Because our Hoop Pine AA Marine is of significantly higher quality it is slightly more expensive than the top option at Bunnings. However, an AA quality sheet is sometimes unnecessary and overkill for some jobs. If you shop at Bunnings you are pretty much forced to pay for the most expensive option even if you don’t need something of that quality. At Plyco you have the benefit of taking a step down and grabbing Pacific Maple Marine or Eucalyptus Marine, ensuring you don’t pay too much for a product with properties your project doesn't require.

Australian Made Marine Plywood

Beach Pier Made From Marine Plywood

A nice little benefit of shopping at Plyco is knowing that our Marine Ply range utilises a number of Australian species and is sourced from Australian grown species. Our Hoop Pine products, including the Marine variety, are grown in Queensland, which means you’re directly supporting the local Australian timber industry and fellow Australians working hard to bring you the best Plywood products. 

Buy Marine Plywood Online

Finally, one of the most comforting benefits of buying Marine Plywood at Plyco is being able to shop online. If you want to buy at Bunnings you'll need to go into their store and pick it up yourself. At Plyco, we provide the option to buy Marine Plywood online and then get it delivered directly to your door or job site! This can save an enormous amount of time and effort and is particularly handy when you know exactly what you want to purchase.

With all the facts laid out on the table it’s clear to see that if you’re looking to buy Marine Plywood, Plyco is your best friend. If this post has inspired you to get building we recommend that you check out our online store. If you’re still looking to learn more about Marine Plywood our Top Marine Plywood Properties blog post will give you everything you need to know about the features of our Marine products.

Brandon Marlow
Brandon Marlow
Brandon is the Woodworking Wordsmith and Social Media Sage at Plyco HQ. Crafting copy for customer tutorials, inspiration and advice, Brandon builds and maintains Plyco's plywood knowledge base.

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