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Featured Customer Plywood Projects: Sarah Wimberley

Plyco partners with influencer Sarah Wimberley to renovate her Sunshine Coast home.

When it comes to DIY and woodworking, the web is awash with projects that inspire. Yet, very few ventures capture the essence of personal style merged with practical execution as exquisitely as the collaboration between Plyco and Sarah Wimberley, a charismatic DIY influencer from Australia’s Sunshine Coast. This project was not just a transformation; it was a true celebration of creativity and craftsmanship.

A Canvas of Creativity

Sarah’s sun-drenched home on the Sunshine Coast provided the perfect backdrop for Plyco’s MDF panels. Renowned for their strength and adaptability, Plyco's products are a dream for any DIY enthusiast. The star of this collaboration was Plyco’s Designer Groove Panel, a product manufactured by ForestOne, which Sarah picked specifically for her main bedroom renovation.

Designer Groove is an Ultra Moisture Resistant MDF cladding panel available in a range of profiles a consistent thickness of 9mm. Be it the bold v-joint profile of VJ150, the luxurious regency profile of Regency150 or the classic v-joint of VJ100 used in this collaboration, there's an option for every cladding project. The project involved using these panels as sophisticated cladding, infusing Sarah's bedroom with the breezy, coastal energy of her home.

Seamless Collaboration, Effortless Installation

Releasing several behind-the-scenes Instagram reels, her content offered insight and excitement into the renovation. Each update from Sarah - from painting to installation - offered helpful advice for every DIYer in working with the materials. 

Installing the panels turned out to be a dance between precision and creativity. Tailoring the Plyco panels to fit her bedroom walls precisely showcased the panels' versatility and ease of installation, qualities that a plywood supplier Plyco ensures is a feature of every product it stocks. 

Art Meets Functionality

Choosing the VJ100 panels with their distinctive 'V' grooves added a layer of depth and textural play to the space. These grooves, aligned in harmony, introduced a visual cadence to the room, reminiscent of the tranquil waves near Sarah’s home.

As with previously featured customer projects, colour played a pivotal role in this transformation. To match the clean, beachside aesthetic, Sarah selected a paint that reflected the light and calmness of her coastal setting. Through her captivating Instagram tutorials, she not only demonstrated the panel painting process but also shared essential DIY tips like painting in alignment with the wood’s grain to achieve a flawless finish.

DIY Lessons and Community Building

Throughout her social media updates, Sarah didn’t just showcase a project; she offered a masterclass in DIY. Her detailed descriptions of the installation steps, from accurate measurements and precise cutting to securing the panels impeccably, were invaluable. It's no surprise then that Sarah's community of likeminded followers is a bustling hub of shared ideas, tips, and excitement. 

Moreover, this collaboration highlighted Plyco’s dedication to empowering DIY enthusiasts. Plyco isn't committed to just supply plywood and MDF materials; we want to inspire and assist every Australian to experience the wonder of completing a woodworking project. 

A Blueprint for DIY Inspiration

What the Plyco and Sarah Wimberley collaboration exemplifies is the transformative power of quality materials and visionary creativity in DIY projects. For those inspired by this venture, Sarah’s successful integration of Plyco’s MDF cladding panels is not just inspiration; it’s a practical blueprint for turning any space into a personalised haven.

Whether you are a seasoned craftsman or just starting out, Plyco panels offer endless possibilities to transform and elevate your living spaces into bespoke creations. If you'd like help getting started with your DIY project, reach out to our helpful team of experts today!

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