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Featured Customer Plywood Project: Meet & Gather

We're diving into the transformation story of Meet & Gather, a vibrant meeting and creative event space located in the heart of Richmond, Melbourne.

Ben & Jacinta of Meet & Gather, a creative events space in Melbourne and Plyco plywood customer

Meet & Gather: A Space to Inspire and Connect

Meet & Gather is the brainchild of Ben and Jacinta, partners in both business and life. When they took over the lease on a dilapidated medical clinic, they had a vision of creating a space that fosters productivity, inspiration, and community connection. The result is a beautiful and functional venue perfect for remote team meetings, workshops, and photoshoots.

The Journey: From Peeling Paint to Custom Furniture

The transformation journey began with some much-needed TLC. The space was in dire need of repairs, from peeling paint to a worn-out floor and less-than-ideal living quarters upstairs. Ben and Jacinta rolled up their sleeves and got to work, starting with custom building the furniture.

Meet & Gather creative events space in Melbourne built using Luan and BC Radiata plywood

Custom Booths and Tables

Ben crafted booths and tables that wrap around each bay window, creating cosy meeting spaces bathed in natural light. The buzz of Bridge Road outside adds an energetic backdrop, making these spots perfect for small group discussions and brainstorming sessions. For our top tips on building plywood furniture, be sure to read our quick primer.

BC Radiata and Luan Plywood furniture and wall panels used in Meet & Gather event space

The Pegboard Display Wall

One of the standout features of Meet & Gather is the pegboard display wall. Crafted with Plyco's BC/D Radiata Pine Plywood, this wall is a testament to patience and precision. After many painstaking hours of drilling holes, the result is a modular and flexible shelving and display system. The shelves, made with a router for the curved edges and dowel for support, provide a versatile space to showcase books, plants, and decorative items.

You can find similar quality plywood panels in Plyco's plywood collection.

Behind the scenes of the router BC Radiata and Luan Plywood furniture and wall panels used in Meet & Gather event space

Creating the Arches

The final piece of the transformation was the creation of the iconic arches. Using Plyco's Lauan Plywood, Ben and Jacinta crafted these curves with a router, adding a unique architectural element to the space. These arches frame the artwork and add a playful yet sophisticated touch to the overall design.

Work in progress photos of the plywood DIY project for Meet & Gather event space in Melbourne

A Space Filled with Love and Dedication

What sets Meet & Gather apart is the genuine love, care, and countless hours of hard work poured into every corner by Ben and Jacinta. From the custom-built furniture to the pegboard wall and arches, every element reflects their dedication to creating a space that is both functional and inspiring. For similar project inspiration, be sure to view this remarkable mobile home created by Built for Advanture.


Ben and Jacinta's story is a reminder that with the right vision and materials, any space can be transformed into something extraordinary. For see more of their incredible space at Meet & Gather, visit their website and give them a follow on Instagram.

Want to be featured on Plyco's blog? As a local plywood supplier, we believe in supporting local builders and would love to showcase your work. If you've purchased some of our plywood panels and have recently completed your project, reach out to us with your project information and show off your glorious creation!

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