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Featured Plywood Patron: Andrew Elliott Design

This week in the return of our Plywood Patrons series we’re shining the spotlight on Andrew Elliott, who has been doing some incredible things with Plyco’s Plywood over at Andrew Elliott Design. Elliott produces a huge variety of different products primarily using our Laserply, so we’re excited to be able to dedicate this post to the wonderful collaborations that have been occurring.

Laserply Legend

When it comes to Laserply creations, Andrew Elliott is a genuine all-rounder. Many laser cutting businesses pick a few product types to focus on and really nail, however at Andrew Elliott Design there’s both a focus on great quality as well as a mindbogglingly enormous amount of unique creations! Whether it’s signage, packaging, blocks frames, and even an origami chair, the amount of creativity shown by Andrew here is almost limitless.

Menu Boards

Menu Boards created by Andrew Elliot Design with Plyco Plywood

Menu Boards made from Plyco's American Oak Birch Plywood

One of the staple products from Andrew Elliott Design that utilises Plyco’s Plywood are these stunning menu boards. These boards are an extremely distinct way to take a plain and ordinary menu and make it so much more! The boards feature a notch on each side, allowing menus to be attached to the board and easily be changed for new updates to the menu or seasonal additions, as well as making cleaning a breeze. All of these menu board are made from Plyco’s American Oak Birch Plywood coated in a natural beeswax finish to provide extra protection from those inevitable spills and stains you’d naturally encounter in a restaurant. To top it all off, the restaurant’s name is carved into the board alongside a nifty hole, meaning each menu can be hung up.

Menu Frames

Menu Frames created by Andrew Elliot Design with Plyco Plywood

Menu Frames made from Plyco's Fijian Cedar Laserply

Similar to the menu boards, these menu frames are a fresh take on a very common restaurant item. Created for the Spice Bar Restaurant in Queensland, these menu frames offer a different way to present a standard restaurant menu, as well as offering beefed up protection for the actual menu itself from food, drink and just general wear and tear from customers. Made from Plyco’s very own Fijian Cedar Laserply, these menus trump other menu boards on the market for comfort and are much easier to stack. Just like Andrew’s menu boards, these Fijian Cedar Laserply frames are coated in a beeswax finish to add that extra touch of protection.

Christmas Ornaments & Earring Packaging

Earring packaging created by Andrew Elliot Design with Plyco Plywood

Earring packaging made from Plyco's Fijian Cedar Laserply

Continuing the Fijian Cedar Laserply themes are the Christmas Ornaments and earring packaging that Andrew Elliott makes. The earring packaging is unique, versatile and just plain beautiful! These were made for Murphy & Me and have turned out to be a premium-grade packaging to go alongside their premium-grade products. As mentioned, these are laser cut from Plyco’s Fijian Cedar Laserply and then etched with all manner of eye-catching designs.  

Christmas ornaments created by Andrew Elliot Design with Plyco Plywood

Christmas ornaments made from Plyco's Fijian Cedar Laserply

Similarly, Andrew Elliott’s Christmas Ornaments are incredible and are the perfect option with Christmas season just around the corner. Each ornament is beautifully laser cut and is engraved on both sides so that no matter where you hang it, its full artistry will be on display.

Additionally, he is able to make a whole assortment of custom signage for whatever possible need.

Signage created by Andrew Elliot Design with Plyco Plywood

Signage made by Andrew Elliott with Plyco's Plywood

Laserply Love

As you can probably tell, Andrew Elliott is a big fan of the Fijian Cedar option in our Laserply range. He’s grown fond of the product due to its “incredibly nice grain, texture, and colour”.

“It also etches really darkly and well detailed – plus the price is really good too!” Andrew said.

Andrew does his plywood ordering through Plyco’s online store, which he finds to be convenient and simple.

“The process of ordering these sheets through the Plyco online store is also very easy with plenty of shipping information available.”

Check Out All of Andrew Elliott Design’s Plywood Creations

Kiki crafts created by Andrew Elliot Design with Plyco Plywood

Everybody here at Plyco has enjoyed working alongside Andrew and we’re always excited to see what new and interesting plywood projects he cooks up! If you want to see more of his creations you can head on over to his website or Instagram page, and if you really like what you see you can make a purchase over at his online store.

Feeling inspired by this post? Then why not head over to Plyco’s very own online store to pick up some of the same materials Andrew uses?

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