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Featured Plywood Patron: Tim Wighton and Laser Cast

In this week’s edition of Plyco’s Featured Plywood Patron, we’re shining the spotlight on Tim Wighton. Tim is one of Plyco’s most dedicated customers and continues to astound us with all of the amazing work he produces through laser cutting and the use of our Laser Plywood products.

By day, Wighton is a pattern maker who designs tooling for the foundry industry currently. In the past, he’s created the tools for a huge variety of different areas like the mining industry, CAT, Mack Trucks and Yarra Trams. Earlier this year he began a home business, Laser Cast, focusing on resin casting, silicone moulding and CNC lasering. Through Wighton’s online store he sells read-made tabletop gaming products alongside the commission work he also does. The commission work ranges from resin sculptures to laser cut gift wear.

Games protractor built by LaserCast with Plyco Laser Plywood

A game protractor made from our Laser Plywood

When setting out to create Laser Cast, Wighton desired one must-have feature for the materials he’d be using; they needed to be environmentally friendly and free from harmful substances or chemicals. On top of this, he also wanted to find something that was locally produced. This is what led him straight to the team here at Plyco. Wighton understood that having a safe and eco-friendly product for him to work with around his family to ensure their health was of utmost importance and that in 2018 lowering environmental impact is a huge selling point for customers. At Plyco we ensure that our products are mode using formaldehyde-free glues, and our laser plywood products are no exception -  which was exactly what he was looking for!

Wighton has used a huge variety of our Laser Plywood products and has become a bit of an expert on our laser plywood range. As you could imagine this has resulted in the development of a few choice favourites out of the line-up.

The first of Wighton’s favourite Plyco products is Plyco's Beech Laser Plywood.

“I find Beech to be an excellent product; the dense grain and smooth finish make it perfect for designs that include pictures or very fine graphical elements,” Wighton said.

This aspect is particularly important for the work he does with Laser Cast as much of the products he makes have many very fine, intricate details on them.

LaserCast's Melbourne FC clock built with Plyco Beech Laser Plywood

Melbourne wall clock made from Plyco's Beech Laserply

Wighton has also been impressed by the density of the product, giving him a clean finish each time he cuts, and never having to worry about it splintering. Our 1mm sheets of Beech Laser Plywood have also been a big benefit to his work for Laser Cast.

“They are surprisingly flexible and strong, perfect for small laser cut jobs and for many different patternmaking applications.”

Some of the high-end commission work he has created with our Beech include wall clocks, engraved signs and costume accessories.

Next up is our Fijian Cedar Laser Plywood. Fijian Cedar has become a go-to product for Wighton thanks to its high compatibility with engraving, clean cutting and resistance to warping even in small pieces. Because it has a balance of structural and engraving properties, as well as being available in thin sheets, it’s become his top selection for the majority of his work! In fact, every single item you see in his tabletop gaming range is made from Plyco’s Fijian Cedar Laserply. Wighton also finds that it’s the perfect choice for commission work that is going to be handled regularly but also requires engraving.

Bamboo brooch from Laser Cast

For his mass-produced projects that need to be strong, but don’t require much, if any engraving at all, Bamboo is the laser plywood of choice.

“It’s strong, light, cheap and comes in a range of thicknesses. I use it for objects that will be constantly handled, like my movement trays and multi-bases.”

The final of Wighton’s favourite picks is our Poplar Laser Plywood. This is his preferred choice for structural work and products that won’t receive any rough handling. Model builds and display stands that require painting are finishing are prime candidates for Poplar as well as stencils. Wighton also loves that it cuts cleanly, and thanks to being not very dense it can cut at much higher speeds.

LaserCast Laser Plywood template

The entire team at Plyco have enjoyed collaborating with Tim Wighton on his Laser Plywood and we encourage everybody to check out his full range of products at Laser Cast’s online store. Alternatively, you can head to his Facebook or Instagram pages some incredible shots of the products he makes.

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