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How Does Plyco's Flexiply Manage to be so Flexible?

Flexiply is one of the most mind-bending products we provide here at Plyco. When you think of plywood, or timber and wood products in general, you usually think of something that is rigid and pretty much the complete opposite of flexible. If you bend other types of plywood they are eventually going to break. That’s why it’s so incredible to see Flexiply contorted and twisted into all sorts of unique shapes for the first time. It’s something that seemingly shouldn’t be possible, yet it somehow is, and today we’re going to show you just how Flexiply manages to gain this unique trait.

Plyco's Flexiply

Let's Get Flexi with Plyco's Flexiply

The basic overview of what Flexiply is can be boiled down to it being a form of plywood that is extremely flexible. Regular plywood generally has a natural resistance to bending and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get very far if you’re attempting to bend it into radically different forms. To get the kind of curves you see from Flexiply we first take multiple layers of veneer. When manufacturing regular forms of plywood, the grains of each layer or pressed in a perpendicular direction, which is done in order to bolster strength and stability. Generally, the core veneer is thinner, while the outer veneers are thicker and “tenderized” But what happens when you lay the grains all in the same direction. Well, that’s when you get Flexiply!

The grains running in the exact same direction give the bendy, contortionist properties that make it so famous. How much you can bend your Flexiply is determined by the thickness of the product, something our expert sales team can walk you through if you’re unsure about how much bending you can put your sheet through while keeping its structural integrity.

Some of the many applications Plyco's Flexiply are perfect for

One of the big advantages of Flexiply is that it actually saves you a lot of time and money. Its flexibility means that in many cases where you would need a structural skeleton or support to go alongside your regular plywood, you can instead just use Flexiply for anything that has a curved or circular design. A project can be made so much easier and simpler when you don’t have to purchase other products and spend valuable time setting things up for something Flexiply can do for you in practically an instant!

Flexible Flexiply

Flexiply is flexible in nature, and in the many ways, it can be used. It’s the ideal option when building things like rounded columns, staircases and a whole host of furniture with unique designs. If you’re attempting to build something with a rounded look, we can almost guarantee that Flexiply is the perfect fit.

Flexiply is perfect for staircases!

If Flexiply sounds like the right fit for your needs you can head over to Plyco’s online store where it’s available for purchase. Alternatively, you can pay us a visit at our Fairfield showroom and see our Flexiply in action for yourself!

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