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Featured Customer Plywood Projects: Caple Builders

There are a plethora of talented customers that walk through Plyco’s doors each and every day, specialising in all matter of creative projects. It’s very rare we go a day without seeing a truly mind blowing creation using our products on social media, or without hearing plans of an exciting new creation being cooked up while chatting with a customer.

A while back we ran a blog series spotlighting some of these dedicated and hardworking Plyco patrons, and with the world needing as much inspiration as it can right now, we’ve revived it in 2020. While most of us in Victoria and around Australia are stuck at home currently, now is the perfect time for a dose of woodworking inspiration. If you can’t build, you can start cooking up the plans for your next major project!

Caple Builders

The incredible team at Caple Builders have recently been lighting up our Instagram feed with shot after shot of incredible building projects, more often than not featuring Plyco’s very own plywood. After seeing these we thought there was no better choice for our first plywood patron in the return of this blog series.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Caple Builders specialise in renovations, extensions, and new home builds. They're also big fans of our Premium Birch Plywood, with a number of their recent projects utilising it to stunning effect.

Caple Builders' Fitzroy Apartment Renovation Using Plyco Birch Plywood

The first build we want to spotlight is their incredible George Street apartment refurb in Fitzroy. We weren’t joking when we said they’re big fans of Birch! It’s quite literally Birch as far as the eye can see here. If you spot a timber face in any of these gorgeous photos (taken by Sherman Tan) you can pretty much guarantee that it’s Plyco’s Birch.

We love how cohesive the space looks by sticking to a Birch Plywood theme. It also really brightens up the space. In terms of colour, Birch is one of the brightest finishes we offer, so it’s more than ideal for rooms that need a flash of light.

Melbourne Birch Plywood Apartment Renovation

The cherry on top of this plywood cake is the enormous daybed that almost acts as the centrepiece of the apartment. The Plyco team loves an exposed edge, so it’s no surprise that the finished product caught the eyes of everybody here.

Plyco Birch Plywood Daybed

Caple Builders also utilised Birch for their Greville Street project. Here they were tasked with something truly unique; converting an old warehouse into office space for a commercial business.

Rather than making Birch the star like in the Fitzroy apartment, here it’s acting as the backbone of the build. Instead of dominating the space, it’s here pulling everything together as the cladding for the office pods.

Caple Builders Birch Plywood Cladding Office Space

The final Plyco and Caple Builders collaboration we’d like to show off is the Staunton Lane build. In another warehouse conversion, the Caple crew came to Plyco and worked with our manufacturing and cutting teams to produce custom made MDF skirting.

While it might not seem like much when looked at by itself, the skirting is the perfect accent to bring the room together and compliment what is an overall stunning build.

Plyco MDF Wall Skirting

The entire team at Plyco have had an absolute pleasure working alongside the Caple Builders team on these projects, and we are looking forward to collaborating more in the future.

You can find Caple Builders' website here. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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