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Meet The Team: David Garvey

A moment with David, Plyco's Founder, Director and moustache-extraordinaire!

We believe businesses are built with integrity, and we work hard to retain the trust of our customers. Across our two Melbourne locations, our team at Plyco is made up of experts who genuinely love to provide people with the best plywood products to suit their needs.

For the next instalment in our featured staff series, we're delighted to introduce the brains behind Plyco. Come say hi to the big kahuna – David Garvey.

What Does David Do for Plyco?

David is the proud Founder and Company Director of Plyco. Over the years, he has stayed ahead of all of Plyco’s operations and has steered it to growth and success. This has been achieved by his remarkable drive and discipline.

Since a teenager, David has run a 6-day work week. And for the last 20 years, has been totally committed to making Plyco the best plywood supplier in Melbourne. Every day he oversees operations across our locations, meets with suppliers, brings new products into the market and establishes the direction of the company.

David and Graham on the factory floor at local plywood supplier, Plyco Farifield

Who is David Outside Work?

No one lives all their life at work and, like the rest of us, David has a life outside of work. This life includes fast cars and underwater exploits!

A late arrival to the scuba diving party, he’s certainly made up for lost time. In just the last five years, he’s done live aboard dive adventures in exotic places such as the The Maldives, The Philippines, Indonesia, Malta, Oman, Egypt, and Australia. Undersea shipwrecks provide a calm contrast to his day-to-day work schedule.

His love for adrenaline is also evident in the cars he appreciates. While Gavin has a taste for American muscle cars, David’s leans more towards the Northern European variety. “But it’s gotta have guts” he says.

David’s renowned for his distinctive silvered moustache. This moustachioed man has always sported facial hair, with even his family unable to recall ever having seen him clean-shaven.

Fun Fact? David’s favourite superhero is The Witcher, and we think Geralt’s silver locks are a perfect match for David’s moustache. The hero is also known for his common sense and success in the ventures he undertakes. Though currently streaming the series, David is happy to take you up on any offer to stream a Netflix series that involve “action and a high body count”.

fish and other underwater marine life in vibrant coloursGetting to Know David: Life History

David is a father of three children. He was born and raised in Melbourne where he has spent most of his life. He enjoyed spending time in the Mornington Peninsula as a child, and in the mid-1980s built a house in Mt Martha so as to always appreciate the region’s beauty.

Other than some time abroad in his 20’s (which included experiencing a military coup in Fiji), he has always worked in the plywood industry in Melbourne. He has a wealth of product and sales expertise and is a fountain of knowledge on the global plywood trade.

Plywood delivery onboard a Plyco truck on the Mornington PeninsulaDavid Garvey: Plyco’s Captain In Command

David is the epitome of drive and discipline for us at Plyco. David is the reason Plyco has survived the chaos of COVID, having navigated the company through global supply chain challenges and staff shortages. With that said, David enjoys the challenge of remaining on top of the competitive market landscape. His ability to identify and capitalise on growth opportunities saw Plyco become the first in our industry to launch an eCommerce store and recognise the nascent demand for Laserply products.

David’s direct, no-nonsense approach to operating a business has fuelled the company’s growth since it was established in 2003. But be warned, his deadpan delivery can catch people off guard. Plyco team members say that his dry wit is sharp enough to cut through a sheet of 30mm Birch plywood!

If you want to know more about the great people at Plyco, you can learn more about us here.

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