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Meet The Team: Gavin Lourensz

Love fast cars and premium plywood? Meet Gavin, our Business Development Manager at Plyco Mornington.

What Does Gavin Do for Plyco?

Gavin is in charge of Sales at Plyco's Mornington Branch. 

Part of his job is to visit new and longstanding customers of Plyco within the Mornington area. Gavin has a genial warm aura. His friendly face can also be seen when customers meet him when he mans the front desk alongside Dan at the shop. With a lifetime of experience in the timber industry, he's an expert on anything plywood-related.

Gavin an asset to our company and has passed on his talents to his son, who has his own carpentry business and has played a key role in the development of Plyco’s new showrooms in Fairfield and Mornington. 

Particleboard and CD Structural plywood stored at plywood supplier Plyco Mornington's warehouseWho is Gavin Outside of Plyco?

Gavin is a self-professed gear head. He has a particular fascination with “anything that goes fast”, or so he says. He loves those revved up muscle cars with powerful engines, as well as motorbikes. His love for cars even led him to build his own motor from scratch.

He chose Superman as his superhero, “because he can fly.” We also see the superhero qualities of Superman in Gavin in his kind-hearted, resolute character. Superman also knows how to act in a crisis, and Gavin, with his years of experience, can weather all sorts of storms.

He’s been enjoying The Walking Dead series, and we wonder what he will go on to when it finally finishes. 

Bill, beam saw operator at Mornington Peninsula Plywood Supplier PlycoGetting To Know Gavin: Life History

Gavin was born and raised in Melbourne. He has worked in the timber industry for most of his life. His knowledge of the craft basically earns him the title of wise sage when it comes to plywood. 

Gavin's extensive knowledge of the timber business is a bonus for his co-workers. He demonstrates how to overcome challenges and problems, the most recent of which was coping with lockdown restrictions. 

There were problems with curb side pickup and hand loading/unloading because of the social distancing rules. Gavin found that visiting local businesses on sales calls was also complicated due to mandatory closures. However, these challenges were somehow overcome, and Gavin, together with the Plyco team, know that they were fortunate enough to operate throughout 2021 because of the support of the DIY community and construction industry.

If you want to know more about the people behind Plyco, you can learn more about us here.


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