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What's The Best Wall Panelling For Bathrooms?

This post is part of Plyco’s Guide to Wall Panelling.

Looking for wall panelling for bathrooms? You're in the right place!

Using wall panelling in your bathroom is a terrific way to add a sense of luxury and sophistication. What's more,
panelling is a waterproof alternative to tiles that can be used to revamp a bathroom much easier than completely redoing it. You’ll find that the wood wall panelling available from Plyco will look fabulous in your bathroom, and they’re available in different styles too!

Can Bathroom Wall Panels Go On Any Surface?

In general, bathroom wall panels are a breeze to install. The panels can be easily applied to most domestic walls, with bathroom walls are no exception.

However, If you’re considering wall panelling for a commercial property, you may require a different approach. Rather than applying panels directly to stud walls with no plasterboard, cladding can be fixed to batons. For commercial bathrooms, we've found the opinion of a professional helps in decide exactly how to install your chosen bathroom wall panels.

White washed decorative interior wall cladding used in a rustic bathroomIs Panelling Really Better Than Tiling?

While tiling remains a favourite for many, wood panels are increasingly popular in bathrooms. There are a few reasons why that’s the case.

Panels, especially the high-quality kind you get from Plyco, will not discolour over time. You don’t have to worry about long-term maintenance, either. While tiling attracts the buildup of grime, taking care of your bathroom wall panels is easy.

Installing wall panels is uncomplicated and much quicker than tiling. The panels are bigger than tiles, so installing them goes faster too! In most cases, you don’t need a professional tradesman either. A handyman should be able to help you get the job done quickly.

Beautiful wall panelling used for an alfresco bathroomWhat Are Your Options?

Plyco has two fantastic and beautiful wall panel options that will be perfect for your bathroom regardless of the style you need.


EasyCraft is one of Plyco’s most sought-after interior bathroom wall panels. It is different from Pinoli and Shadowclad because it’s made from medium-density fibreboard instead of plywood.

MDF is a wood product made by breaking down softwood (or hardwood) residuals into wood fibres. It is combined with a resin binder and wax, which makes it an excellent choice for areas where waterproof panels are necessary.

EasyCraft is available in three distinct options - easyLINE, easyREGENCY, and easyVJ100. Each option offers different visual and technical specs, so you can easily find the perfect style for your bathroom. More than a pretty panel, they're a fraction of the price of plywood alternative and easy to install!

Alkorcell (Coming Soon!)

Plyco’s Alkorcell is a decorative polypropylene-based film pressed onto a lightweight foam core. Designed and constructed in Germany using thermoforming techniques, Alkorcell offers a beautiful wood grain appearance. With these panels, you have a nice balance between practicality and aesthetics. 

Lightweight, waterproof and stain-resistant, Alkorcell is perfect for wall panelling in caravan bathrooms. Your bathroom is sure to look stylish and classy with these panels installed, and it won’t even require too much effort.

The Benefits of Using Plyco’s Wall Panelling

Using specialised wood options such as EasyCraft or Alkorcell boast many benefits.

1. Live Through Many Seasons

Made from high quality materials, you can expect Plyco's wall panelling to last a lifetime. Expert craftsmanship goes into the manufacture of all Plyco’s wood panels, and they’re handled with plenty of love.

Rendering of horizontal interior Pinoli wall cladding used for a bathroom

2. Care For the Environment

Using wood panels is an environmentally-friendly option when it comes to your kitting out your bathroom. Unlike many other materials used in bathroom constructions, FSC Certified products sourced sustainable plantations offer biodegradable, natural materials that won't pollute the environment.

For a more in-depth look at the many benefits of wood panelling, check out our blog post covering the topic.

3. Looking Good

It’s undeniable that wood panels look fantastic. There’s something about the clean, stylish appearance of these panels that enhances a bathroom. Because there's different timbers and designs to choose from, you’re not limited in your creativity either. If you can imagine and plan it, you can likely do it using Plyco’s premium wall panels.

4. Keep the Heat In

Wood serves as a natural insulator and is good at keeping heat from leaking and cold from coming into a room. Those hot showers during Melbourne's winter months will be well insulated, keeping you warm before venturing out for that first morning latte.

Plyco's interior wall cladding used for a creative bathroom feature wallStay Informed

These timber cladding products will be perfect for your bathroom project, but that’s not all you can do with them. Your entire home can be enhanced with our product choices, and it won’t even be all that difficult to do.

The Plyco team love keeping our customers informed on what we offer and how they can use our wood panels in their homes. To help you find the perfect options for your next project, the Plyco team has worked hard to put together a comprehensive guide that discusses every aspect of our wall panelling.

If you're interested in keeping in the loop with our news and updates, subscribe to our blog. Covering various topics such where to buy wood wall panelling in Australia, the differences between exterior and interior wall panelling and a whole lot more, you'll be the most knowledgable woodworking warrior on the block!

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