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Where Does Plywood Come From?

One of the most common questions we receive at Plyco pertains to the origins of our plywood. Many people are looking to utilise Australian products as much as they can, while others have a particular geographical preference for one reason or another.

It’s impossible to answer the “where does your plywood come from?” question in a quick fashion. Plyco sources its plywood from practically all corners of the globe! To give customers an idea of just how global our collection is, we’ve put together an overview of the locations we source from and some of the most popular products found in those regions.

Australian Plywood Products

The overwhelming majority of Plyco’s plywood products are sourced in Australia’s own backyard. If you were to throw a dart in the Plyco showroom (please refrain from actually doing this) you’re most likely to hit a product that is homegrown. For example, our Hoop Pine products all come from sustainable plantations in sunny Queensland. Hoop Pine is one of the most revered products when it comes to plywood, with the marine variety by far and away the best in its class.

Hoop Pine - AC Hoop Pine Exterior Bathroom Cabinetry

Hoop Pine bathroom cabinetry made by Plyco customer SC Weir Cabinets

If laser cutting is your area of expertise, you’ll find that almost half of our 12 Laserply options are Australian products. These cover a wide range of visual aesthetics, from the deep red of Jarrah (sourced from Western Australia) to the lighter golden tones of Golden Sassafras (sourced from Tasmania). With Plyco’s Laserply collection it has never been easier to support the Australian plywood industry.

The local love extends to all of our veneered and laminated ranges too. If you’re browsing the Strataply, Laminato, or general veneered ranges, you’ll encounter plenty of Aussie faces!

European Plywood Products

Europe is a genuine powerhouse when it comes to producing high quality plywood products. If you’ve ever worked with plywood before there’s a good chance you’ve come in contact with the standard bearer for ply: Birch. Plyco’s Birch Plywood is sourced from Russia and is the backbone of many of the products you can buy. Premium Birch Plywood is renowned in the industry, which is why we use it as the core for architectural products like Spotless Laminate and Decoply. Russian Birch is so structurally reliable while also remaining affordable, that using any other plywood substrate just wouldn’t make sense.

Birch Ply Cabinet hudsonkuhnell

Premium Birch Plywood Cabinetry

Another one of our most popular plywood products, European Poplar, is sourced from Italy, while the Beech veneer and Laserply options we stock are also a European product.

Asian Plywood Products

Travelling a little closer to home, Asia has also been a great source for incredible plywood products. As you could probably guess, our Bamboo products fall into this category. Bamboo has been making waves in the industry for a number of reasons. It has gorgeous aesthetic qualities, is incredibly strong, and is arguably the most sustainable wood product on the market. Additionally, it’s also available in multiple different visual options, so if you’re looking for a dark or a light plywood product Bamboo still has you covered.

bamboo plywood book laser cutting

A book made from Bamboo Laserply by Studio Bianco

Asia is also notable for its Pacific Maple Marine Plywood. This is a perfect option if you need the qualities and capabilities of a Marine Plywood, but you’re working on a budget or don’t need all of the bells and whistles found in something like Hoop Pine.

Lastly, there’s also our Fijian Cedar Laserply, which as the name tells you, is native to the island of Fiji.

American Plywood Products

Unsurprisingly, several American plywood species have found their way to Plyco. These are mostly in the form of veneers that we stock, such as American OakAmerican Walnut, and American Cherry which can be found throughout the Strataply, Laminato, and general veneered plywood ranges.

Radiata Pine BC Plywood Shop Fit Out

Plyco's Radiata Pine Plywood used for a shopfitting project

Radiata Pine Plywood is also a major part of Plyco’s plywood offerings. Combining a high quality face and an A-bond exterior grade glue, Radiata Pine is a staple for those who work with ply. If you’re a laser cutting enthusiast, we also offer Radiata Pine Laserply.


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