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The 12 Types of Laser Plywood Panels

This post is part of Plyco’s Guide to Laser Plywood

Plyco is the number one Laser Plywood supplier in Australia, and quite possibly the entire world, however, having such an extensive range can bring with it a few issues. While you're already familiar with what Laser Plywood is and what it can be used for, it can be daunting to try and select the right option for you. This is a major reason why we offer sample packs that include every sheet of Laserply we sell, but we wanted to go a step further and try to make this decision-making process even easier. Below you’ll find details on all of our products, which we think will help immensely when it comes time to buy Laser Plywood.

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Plyco's Australian Hoop Pine Plywood for Laser Cutting

Hoop Pine Laser Plywood

Hoop Pine Laser Plywood is arguably the highest quality Laser Plywood you can find when it comes to finishing capabilities. Regular sheets of Hoop Pine are known for being an excellent substrate for high-quality exterior paint, stains and sealants, and this exceptional visual characteristic carries over to its Laserply variant too.

Hoop Pine is sourced from sustainable and renewable log plantations in South East Queensland and is 100 per cent Forest Stewardship Council certified, meaning the plywood is sourced in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Its beautiful light-colouring, standout finishing capabilities and sustainable sourcing combine to make Hoop Pine the perfect product for anybody searching for something visually superb that will keep the project eco-friendly. Hoop Pine Laser Plywood is perfect for projects like door skins or signage where eye-catching looks are required.

Plyco's Poplar Plywood for Laser Cutting

Poplar Laser Plywood

Poplar has consistently been rated as one of the top plywood products in the world over the years, and with the boom in laser cutting, its popularity has been reached another level. If you’re searching for a Laser Plywood product that is sure to get the job done for you with no fuss, this is the answer for you. The consistency of the ply mixed with its colour contrast and the very minimal cleaning required to make it perfect for use on a laser cutter.

Every single sheet of Plyco’s Poplar Laser Plywood is guaranteed to have an A/B front grade and B grade back, meaning you’ll be looking at a beautiful surface finish for whatever project you’re making. It’s also a standout when it comes to strength and flexibility, while still managing to remain lightweight with a low environmental footprint. Overall, Poplar is a high-quality resource when it comes to laser cutting. The combination of attributes means it can be used for laser cutting applications ranging from interior furniture to trophy building and plaques.

Plyco Plywood Melbourne's Figured Eucalypt Laser Plywood

Figured Eucalypt Laser Plywood

Our team at our Fairfield manufacturing plant has worked hard to create a Eucalypt Product that is a natural fit for laser cutting. Eucalypt species are incredibly popular in the plywood world thanks to their aesthetic and durability, so it was only natural that we wanted to take these qualities and make them available to those who work by laser.

Carefully selecting the best Eucalypt veneers and pressing them with formaldehyde-free glue, we manufacture every sheet of this product with an A-grade face and B-grade back, meaning you won’t lose any of the gorgeous, earthy looks you can find in other Eucalypt Plywood. This Laser Plywood option is ideal for any arts and crafts makers out there looking to get creative making jewellery, trophies, clocks and an assortment of intricate wooden ornaments.

Plyco Plywood Melbourne's Fijian Cedar Laser Plywood

Fijian Cedar Laser Plywood

From the Plyco manufacturing plant in Fairfield to the tropical beaches of Fiji. Our Fijian Cedar Laser Plywood is arguably the most unique Laser Plywood that we stock – and believe it or not, it’s not just because it comes from Fiji! Fijian Cedar has quite a unique colour on both faces that can be best described as a sandy-brown, a pretty apt colour for something from Fiji!

Alongside this colour is an uncommon grain detail that creates an almost wave-like effect across the face. These visual characteristics will be sure to catch the eye of those looking for Laser Plywood that will stand out in a crowd. Even better is that Fijian Cedar isn’t just all style over substance. In fact, this product is well-known for its strength and will often be used as an alternative to Bamboo, which is no easy feat to achieve! Whether you want a 3D model to have a distinctive look, or you’re trying to find a product that will make your handmade homewares pop, Fijian Cedar has got you covered.

Plyco Plywood Melbourne's Premium Birch Laser Plywood

Birch Laser Plywood

If you’re looking for a no-fuss Laser Plywood and want to cut right to the chase, Plyco’s Birch Laser Plywood is what’s missing from your life. While it might not be as flashy or exotic as many of the other options we offer, there's a reason why European Birch is a household name when it comes to Plywood. It's versatility has made it the cornerstone for many Laser Cutting designs.

Birch Plywood's understated, warm and light-coloured finish is a timeless look. Thanks to its interior glue, it’s perfectly designed to cut cleanly with laser cutters and will produce flawless results with etching and engraving. Birch is the all-rounder of Plyco’s Laser Plywood line-up and is a great choice if you’re looking to dip your toes in the water of laser cutting or just want something straightforward or less complex.

Plyco Plywood Melbourne's Beech Laser Plywood

Beech Laser Plywood

With origins in Italy, our Beech Laser Grade Plywood is perhaps best known for its show-stealing looks, with its golden-brown colouring competing against Queensland Walnut and Jarrah for the distinction of the darkest faced product we have in our Laser Plywood line-up.

When we set out to manufacture this product, we did it with a strong desire to make something that would specifically cater to customers looking for a top-notch product when it comes to 3D modelling. As a result, Beech Laserply has some of the cleanest and most consistent laser cutting results ever seen. Add the A-grade front face on top of that and it’s easy to see why this has become one of the most popular products on the market.

Plyco Plywood Melbourne's Radiata Laser Plywood

Radiata Laser Plywood

Our Radiata Pine Laser Plywood is quite similar to our Poplar or Birch options in terms of colour, featuring a very light, blonde look to it. However, the biggest advantage over these similar choices it that it’s easier on the customer’s wallet! Radiata is our cheapest laser plywood option and features a B-grade face and C-grade back. The lower quality face helps make it a great entry-level Laserply selection that still has all of the great cutting qualities of our other products. Radiata will still cut cleanly and be a perfect solution for all your projects such as key tags and cake toppers while saving you some money if you don’t require the out-of-this-world face grades of some of our other products.

Plyco Plywood Melbourne's Bamboo Laser Plywood

Bamboo Laser Plywood

Our Bamboo Laser Plywood has taken off recently and become a smash-hit with customers in both the laser and non-laser varieties. It’s a particularly great option if sustainability is important to you, as it carries a remarkably low footprint.

Luckily, the natural characteristics of Bamboo also make it an ideal match for laser cutting. Boasts a very fine grain, combined with our formaldehyde-free glue it cuts, etches, and engraves with unbelievable ease. For these reasons we see customers commonly build signage, jewellery, and a whole host of ornaments without any fuss.

Our Bamboo Laserply comes in two options; Natural or Carbonised. Natural provides customers with a look that is quite similar to if you were to see a bamboo forest out in the wild, while Carbonised is the darker option that really emphasises the grain details.

Plyco Plywood Melbourne's Jarrah Laser Plywood

Jarrah Laser Plywood

Jarrah is a familiar face here at Plyco. For a long time you've been able to purchase Jarrah in other Plywood formats, and it's become extremely popular thanks to its rich reddish colouring. We listened to customer feedback about how much they loved the terracotta look of Jarrah and wished they could use it with laser cutting. Eventually the demands were just too loud to ignore; Jarrah is now ready to be laser cut to your heart’s content! Customers can now utilise the iconic red colouring for all of their laser cutting, etching and engraving projects.

Plyco Plywood Melbourne's Queensland Walnut Laser Plywood

Queensland Walnut Laser Plywood

Queensland Walnut is a brand new product offering from Plyco that has been freshly released into our Laser Plywood collection. Born from carefully selected Queensland Walnut veneers and crafted within Plyco's Fairfield manufacturing plant, Queensland Walnut stands out with its distinctively rich, dark-brown colouring. As with all products in our Laser Plywood range, our Queensland Walnut utilises formaldehyde-free glue adhesives to ensure you have the highest quality and best looking product possible.

Plyco Plywood's Tasmanian Golden Sassafras for Laser Cutting

Tasmanian Golden Sassafras Laser Plywood

Much like Queensland Walnut, our Tasmanian Golden Sassafras Laser Plywood is brand new to the lineup, and is also manufactured right here at Plyco! Each sheet of Golden Sassafras features an A-Grade face and B-Grade back, and its beautiful light golden colouring makes is a stark contrast and a great foil for its Walnut brother. 

If these insights into Plyco’s Laser Plywood products have expanded your knowledge and left you more informed about the range, why not head to our online store where you can purchase any of our products? If you feel like just dipping your toes in the Laserply water before diving in headfirst, get in contact with us for your free Laser Plywood sample pack. These sample packs are a great way to try before you buy and discover which option is right for you.

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