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5 Stunning Bamboo Plywood Projects

If you’re familiar with Plyco you’re probably also familiar with how much we love our Bamboo Plywood. It’s a truly unique product, and it’s by far the most environmentally friendly wood product on the market. Our previous blog post goes into this subject in great detail, but today we’d like to showcase some incredible ways that Bamboo can be used.

We’re showcasing seven projects that will hopefully spark some inspiration before you buy some Bamboo Plywood sheets of your own!

Bamboo Plywood Kitchen Counters and Cabinetry

Our first suggestion for your next Bamboo project is a kitchen counter or cabinet.

You can obviously tell just by looking at a sheet that Bamboo is quite an aesthetically pleasing product. It comes in two different types of colouring and three different grain details (Strand Woven Bamboo Plywood, Wide Grain Bamboo Plywood, and Narrow Grain Bamboo Plywood), meaning there are a multitude of styles that can be pulled off just from this one product. However, it’s much harder to assess the structural qualities with your eyes.

The rise in popularity from Bamboo has stemmed mostly from how great of an alternative it is to various other hardwood products on the market. The production process sees our sheets being constructed by lining up layers of Bamboo either parallel or perpendicular (depending on the type of Bamboo Plywood being made) and then heat pressed into a single sheet.

1 Strand Woven Natural Bamboo Cafe tabletop

A Bamboo cafe tabletop

By analysing the age of the plant, how much moisture it has, and at what time of the year it was harvested, manufacturers can determine how strong the end product will be. Because of this, Bamboo is able to be optimised for those jobs that need maximum strength.

The end result is a product that is harder and more dense than comparable products, making it the perfect choice for kitchen counters and cabinetry. Your kitchen is always going to see a lot of action, so using materials that can take a pounding and still look good is vital.

To top it all off, Bamboo is effortless to clean! If you want to give your kitchen an eye-catching look that is guaranteed to last, you can’t go wrong with Bamboo Plywood.

Bamboo Plywood Furniture

Another application that takes full advantage of the combination of great looks and unbeatable strength is furniture. Bamboo Plywood furniture projects are among our favourite things to see from Plyco customers.

From chairs and tables, to shelving and storage, Bamboo can pretty much do it all when it comes to furniture. It also provides a real touch of nature too, which many people utilise in an exterior capacity.

Bamboo Plywood Seating

Restaurant seating made from Bamboo Plywood

It’s not uncommon to see deck or patio furniture made from Bamboo Plywood panels. The processing done during manufacturing allows Bamboo to resist those pesky insects that can cause issues with wood, like termites or ants so it can sit outside without worries. Bamboo Plywood isn’t waterproof, however, if you seal the panels and keep them undercover to avoid being overexposed to moisture you shouldn’t have any issues.

Bamboo Wall Panelling and Flooring

Perhaps the much hyped strength and reliability of Bamboo is something you want to take advantage of, rather than its beautiful looks. If that’s the case, wall panelling and flooring might be the exact project you’re looking for. Obviously, the finishing capabilities will still be on full display, but having Bamboo under foot or on the walls can be a massive relief.

Bamboo Plywood Flooring

Bamboo Plywood Flooring

The benefits of not having to stress about whether those extremely important aspects of a build will stand the test of time cannot be understated. Having your plywood also look incredibly is just icing on top of that dependable cake!

Bamboo Chopping Boards

If you’ve been shopping recently you may have come across a plethora of Bamboo chopping boards. These have gained popularity for many of the same reasons that Bamboo is used for kitchen benchtops.


A Bamboo Plywood chopping board

The density allows you to cut absolutely anything without having to worry about chipping or breaking, while it's easy to clean nature makes tidying up at the end of a big cooking session so much easier.

Unique Bamboo Plywood Applications

While chopping boards, flooring, and furniture are all pretty normal uses for plywood, Bamboo has also been used for some very outside the box applications.

Our favourite example is that aeroplane wings have been manufactured using Bamboo before. Obviously the wings on your monstrous Airbus aren’t using it, but smaller crafts have utilised i to great effect.

Bamboo is also praised for its ability to create musical instruments. With Bamboo Plywood becoming more and more affordable, instruments made from the product are starting to become a common occurrence. According to many musicians in the know, these instruments actually improve the acoustic quality.

On a similar note, Bamboo can also be a great option if you’re building casing for speakers. The strength and durability means their important inner components are protected safely from any unexpected accidents.

Bamboo Plywood Guitar.

A guitar made from Bamboo Plywood

Have you had a touch of inspiration? Are you ready to start working on your own Bamboo project? Well, Plyco is the number one Bamboo Plywood supplier in Australia, so make sure you head to our online store. There you can purchase all of our Bamboo products from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are in Australia.


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