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Featured Customer Plywood Projects: The Wood Knight

Plyco and Paul Jenkins (The Wood Knight) team up for two inventive DIY Projects!

Meet Paul Jenkins, aka The Wood Knight; a self-taught woodworker who has turned his chronic migraines into a catalyst for creativity in his Melbourne workshop. Armed with a DSLR camera and a knack for precision, he has amassed 86K followers on YouTube, inspiring many with his educational and informative woodworking tutorials. Paul’s collaboration with Melbourne plywood supplier Plyco showcases two unique DIY projects that blend functionality with artistic flair.

Project 1: The Plycosaurus Stepstool

Paul’s ingenuity shines in the Plycosaurus Stepstool, which not only serves as a quirky piece of functional decor but also as an educational tool for woodworking enthusiasts. Constructed using Plyco's Hexa Plywood, noted for its distinctive hexagonal texture that mimics dinosaur scales, this project is as educational as it is enchanting.

The creation process started with a template made from 6mm Standard MDF secured by spray adhesive. With precise cuts from a bandsaw and jigsaw, followed by meticulous sanding, the dino-shape emerged ready to be transformed into a sturdy stepstool.

Each step involved careful measurements and router work to ensure snug fits and clean lines. Paul’s creative approach to mundane tasks—like using the 'dinosaur' to set the table saw fence— is both entertaining and engaging. This project illustrates how raw materials can be transformed into a functional piece of art, making playful use of woodworking tools and techniques.

Project 2: Pot Plant Stand

The second project, a stylish Pot Plant Stand, was crafted from Plyco’s robust Gaboon Marine Plywood. This started with Paul cutting the marine plywood panels into manageable pieces, then ripping them into staves on a precision-adjusted table saw. Each stave was meticulously shaped using a set of homemade jigs to ensure a perfect taper and angle, highlighting Paul's attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship.

Using a mix of angles, the staves were assembled using blue tape—a method demonstrating Paul's resourcefulness. The assembly’s intricacies were showcased through his detailed narration, providing viewers with a thorough understanding of the challenges and solutions found in complex woodworking. The use of an ebony stain followed by a wax finish not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also provided durability suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

Collaboration Beyond Wood

This collaboration with Plyco is more than just about creating items; it's about the educational journey Paul shares with his audience. Similar to our recent collaboration with DIY superstar Sarah Wimberley, each video tutorial is packed with technical insights, from choosing the right plywood and understanding wood grains to mastering the use of tools and crafting joints.

Plyco’s commitment to providing quality materials complements Paul’s dedication to teaching and making, ensuring this partnership is a robust resource for DIY enthusiasts and professional woodworkers alike. For more project inspiration from Plyco customers be sure to see our featured customer projects!

Wrapping Up

Plyco's collaboration with The Wood Knight embodies the spirit of transformation—turning everyday plywood materials into extraordinary projects. For more inspiration, be sure to sign up to receive monthly blog updates or get started on your woodworking adventure today!

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