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Meet The Team: Dan Wray

Meet the Branch Manager at Plyco Mornington, Dan Wray.

Our Team 

When it comes to wood, we're the ones you can count on. As one of Australia's premier suppliers and manufacturers of wood and timber products, Plyco is nothing short of amazing because of our great team.

Just like wood rings, our personnel are what make up the core of our business. They contribute to the great experience our customers have when using us. We aim to live up to our good reputation and continue to provide expert industry knowledge when it comes to timber.

Along with our many years in the business, our growing team of professionals is just another plus point. Here we focus on one of our great managers: Dan Wray.

Stacked particleboard displayed on the manufacturing floor of Plyco Mornington

What Does Dan Do for Plyco?

Dan is Plyco's Mornington Branch Manager. Just as Graham is at Fairfield, at Mornington Dan is responsible for maintaining operations in the warehouse where he oversees cutting schedules and workflows, as well as managing delivery logistics.

Some say he's the big dog at Plyco's smaller Mornington operation. While this is true, Dan actually handles a lot of micro tasks as well. He keeps everything balanced and is well suited to deal with all the aspects of his job. He also organises the purchase of goods from suppliers, and recruits and trains new employees. It's a busy job.

He's very much the face of Plyco's Mornington Branch.

Who is Dan Outside of Plyco?

Like many residents in the Mornington Peninsula, Dan has a love of the outdoors. Outside of work, you will find him water skiing, motorbike riding, travelling, and camping. He's also a fan of country rock music, something that not many people know about him.

He’s currently streaming ‘Yellowstone’, which is an American drama about a ranching family set in the Midwest. Dan currently sports a thick beard, which has a certain Cole Hauser look to it.

When asked who his favourite superhero was, he answered, "Ironman because he's man-made". The iconic Tony Stark is indeed a great influence when it comes to wits and innovation as compared to other heroes' flashy powers.

Plyco plywood delivery truck and factory exterior at Plyco Mornington

Getting To Know Dan: Life History

Dan was born and raised in Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula. Being a true local to the area, he's attuned to the community and its needs. He's ‘in the know’ about local events, and appreciates the smaller-town feel rather than the uptown culture of Melbourne's ‘Big Smoke’. 

He has a background in woodworking: he worked as a local cabinet maker before joining Plyco a few years ago. 

Dan Wray driving a forklift in front of Birch Plywood sheets at the factory in Plyco MorningtonDan Wray: The Anchor at Plyco

Dan's role can be tough at times. He says that his greatest challenge is when he is faced with a difficult customer. Thankfully that doesn't happen very often, and he has a good work-life balance that helps him manage any stressful situations he meets. His calm and quiet demeanour makes him an anchor for the team. 

If you want to know more about the people behind Plyco, you can learn more about us here.

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