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Top Properties of Birch Plywood

This post is part of Plyco’s Guide to Birch Plywood

Birch Plywood didn’t just become one of the top Plywood products in the world by coincidence or pure luck. Birch has earned its stellar reputation due to the amazing qualities that are held within every single sheet and board. Many of these properties are not immediately noticeable and certainly can’t be discovered from a quick glance, so to give Birch Plywood the celebration it deserves we’ve put together this blog post. Here you’ll find an in-depth guide to all of the top Birch Plywood properties.

Top Properties of Birch Plywood

Plyco's Premium birch Plywood

In 2019, our environmental impact is a crucial issue. Awareness of the influence we are having on the world around us is at an all-time high, and as a result, more and more people are becoming conscious of the effect they have on the planet. Every day we encounter customers who are looking to get away from products that harm the environment and utilise something much more friendly. The team here at Plyco knows we need to treat the planet with care and respect, which is why we’ve striven to create the most eco-friendly Plywood collection possible, and yes, this includes our Birch Plywood. Each Birch Plywood sheet you find at Plyco is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This means it meets all ten of the principals from the FSC, including reduction of environmental impact and the appropriate monitoring and assessment activities to maintain forest conditions. If you buy from Plyco, you can be assured you’re supporting sustainable sourcing.

However, Birch Plywood isn’t solely focused on its environmental impact. Our Premium Birch Plywood is also so highly regarded in Plywood circles due to its quality over the competition. You’ll find that our Birch products are the highest quality grade you can find for Birch. The face grade is rated as an A, giving each Birch sheet an incredibly clean look with a distinct face that can be stained or clear finished. The back face is a B-grade, which is absent of any knot holes, instead featuring oval or butterfly-shaped veneer patches. You’ll also immediately notice the warm, light coloured appearance and incredible grain detail when you get your hands on some of Plyco’s Birch Plywood. These qualities make it second only to our Hoop Pine AA Marine Plywood when it comes to face grades and aesthetic finishes.

Indoors, Outdoors, and Absolutely Anywhere!

Lecture Stand Made From Premium Birch Plywood

Lecture stand made from Premium Birch Plywood at Our Lady of Mercy

Many people would love to utilise the brilliance of Birch Plywood outdoors, but due to our Premium Birch Plywood not being Marine-grade, nor exterior-rated, it makes using it for those projects a little bit tricky. Knowing this is why we have the Birch Exterior Plywood option available to customers. This product possesses the exact same core as the Premium Birch Plywood, but with an altered face and back in order to be rated for exterior use. You’d think that the changing of the face would make our Birch Exterior Plywood look like a downgrade, however, that's not the case. To the untrained eye, these two options look strikingly similar, and only real Plywood pros can spot the difference straight away.

Strength and Style

While we’ve talked up the beauty of a Birch Plywood a lot here, we’d be doing it an injustice if we didn’t go into details about the strength of the product too. Plyco’s Premium Birch Plywood is so much more than just a pretty face, and that’s evidenced by the number of applications it can be used for. You’ll see plenty of architectural and non-structural uses, however, it’s also perfectly capable of holding its own for projects like furniture, shop fitting, and benchtops. These applications all need to be sturdy, as well as withstanding weight and heavy use, and many customers find that Premium Birch Plywood is the best combination of strength and style available at a reasonable price.


Hopefully, this post has you ready to dive head first into a brand new Birch Plywood project now that you know about all of its incredible properties. If you’re ready to start making everyone jealous with some new sheets of Birch head over to our store where you can purchase all of your Plywood online! If you’re still looking to brush up on your knowledge, we suggest checking out our posts on Birch Plywood Applications and Birch Plywood Sizes and Thicknesses.

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