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Featured Customer Plywood Projects: Built for Advanture

Built for Advanture transformed an MWB Renault Master into a luxe campervan using one of Plycos best products. The result is a plush, beautifully designed space featuring a lightweight plywood option thats perfect for any caravan project.

Plyco caravan featuring our lightweight poplar plywood sheetsMeet Raven the Renault

This isnt your grandads rusty old campervan were talking about here. Firstly, this van has a name: Raven the Renault. If that isnt cool enough, wait until you see the brushed brass hardware and black laminate cabinetry. The Built for Advanture team is known for injecting luxury into the campervan world and this project is no exception.

The Raven is a three-seater van that Built for Advanture renovated to include a double and single bed, a comfortable cooking area, and a space to dine and relax in. The images of this project dont lie, its a hotel room on wheels. You may even be able to see it in person, just click here.

How the team managed to create a sense of comfort in such a small space has everything to do with the materials they used. To achieve something that both feels and looks high-end, we couldnt be more pleased that they chose Plyco as their caravan plywood supplier.

The colour of the main Plyco laminate in the project even helped inspire the name.

Built For Advanture's caravan fit-out featuring Plyco's Lightweight Laminated Poplar Panels available to buy online

The Plyco Products Used

When it comes to caravan ply, the chief concerns are that it be lightweight and durable. Of course, on a project like the Raven, the caravan plywood lining and flooring also needs to fit the intended aesthetic.

Its why Built for Advanture was so specific in their choice of products. The team first contacted us to help make a lighter version of our Plyco Snow Decoply. Though usually only available on Birch, we had the Decoply pressed onto lightweight Poplar to make it more camper-friendly. That product is now a permanent part of our range and one of the standouts in our selection of caravan ply.

On the cabinets, drawers, and furniture youll see that Built for Advanture used Plyco’s lightweight Laminated Poplar sheets. The colour they chose? Raven, of course. We love how seamless the result is. Maintaining colour consistency with the same laminate throughout the interior is an effective way to make a camper feel larger than it is.

Closeup of the joinery and cabinetry created by Built For Advanture using  Plyco's beautiful Raven Laminated Poplar sheetsCombined with our Decor Laminate, poplar provides a lightweight core while the black laminate creates a sleek, hard-wearing surface. This project also showed that once sanded and coated, poplar can still give the raw edge feel of birch without any of the added weight.

When it comes to lightwood plywood for caravans, Built for Advanture has shown with the Raven just how beautifully laminated poplar works in terms of both practicality and visual appeal.


Joinery showing off the beautiful poplar edging of Melbourne plywood supplier Plyco's Raven Laminated Poplar SheetsHow to Kit out Your Camper with Plyco

The standout product of Raven the Renault is our Laminate on Poplar, available to order here but dont forget the other camper favourite, our famous Decoply.

Finding the right products for your camper is essential. Not only are there significant practical issues to keep in mind when searching for lightweight caravan flooring and lining but in a space as small as a camper, theres no hiding from your design choices.

If you've been browsing Bunnings caravan plywood and coming up short, look no further. We have everything from 3mm caravan plywood and upwards, in a range of colours and finishes. 

We have two showrooms in the Victoria area where you can view our caravan ply options in person, but you can just as easily see our full catalogue and price list right here and order from our site. In terms of delivery, we offer two options: pick up from our showrooms or easy, direct delivery.

Exterior shot displaying the caravan ply from Melbourne plywood supplier Plyco used by Built For Advanture for a RV/Caravan upgrade project

More Inspiration

The Raven isnt the only project thats caught our eye of late. If youre looking for more décor inspiration, check out some of our other features with past Plyco customers such as Caple Builders and Invincible Creations.

One of our favourite parts of being a plywood supplier is seeing the creative ways in which people use our products. Weve seen plywood used for everything from Tiny Treehouses to sleek campervans like Raven the Renault. 

If youre nosy to see more, keep an eye on our blog. We love sharing what the Plyco community is up to!

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