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New Plyco Products In 2023

All the big product releases of 2023 in one convenient location!Plyco has been busy bee-lining through 2023, unwrapping a banquet of new and updated products sure to bring a sprinkle of sawdust magic to your woodworking adventures. With an array of enchanting products, your creative juices will be flowing faster than polish on a fresh sheet of plywood. Without further ado, let's dive headfirst into the timber treasure trove that awaits!


Plyco's AC Radiata Pine Plywood panels used in a retail store fit out in MelbourneAC Radiata Plywood

Plyco's AC Radiata Pine Plywood is the new kid on the timber block, featuring an A-Grade Face and C-Grade Back coupled with a robust A-Bond glue line, making it a stellar choice for both exterior and interior applications where a single quality face suffices. Although it's not structurally rated, it's a versatile companion for general purposes when stress grading isn't a requirement. From furniture crafting, general building projects, to DIY and handyman applications, it covers a broad spectrum. It's also a fitting choice for wall cladding, adding a touch of elegance and functionality wherever it's used​.


Basswood Laserply for laser cutting and engraving from local plywood supplier PlycoBasswood Laserply

Make your craft projects a 'cut' above the rest with Plyco's Basswood Laserply. Designed for the artisans at heart, this plywood is perfect for intricate laser cutting projects. Available in 600 x 300mm panels as both single sheets and in our Craft Pack bundles, it’s a blank canvas waiting for your creativity. Whether it’s an extensive handicraft display, a hobbyist endeavour, or a miniature home and landscape visual display, Basswood Laserply is the go-to choice for detailed craftsmanship. It's not just wood, it's a realm where your artistic visions come to life​.

Hardwood Plywood Flooring used for a beautiful residential mezzanine build in SydneyHardwood Plywood Flooring

March your way into the sturdy and stylish domain of Plywood Flooring by Plyco. Whether you're sprucing up a home or fortifying an outdoor deck, this tongue and groove plywood flooring is your steadfast companion. The collection comes in both hardwood and softwood, offering a range of thicknesses to suit every need. And worry not about pesky termites, as the hardwood variant is treated to keep those critters at bay. Each sheet is meticulously crafted with machine-grooved edges and colour-coded PVC tongues ensuring a snug fit, so every step you take is on solid ground​. Read more.

Product photo of Plyco's low-slip Hexa Plywood Panel popular with caravan customers

Hexa Plywood

Get ready to 'hexa-gon' your old plywood because Plyco's Hexa Plywood is here to upgrade your workspaces and vehicles with unparalleled strength! Drawing inspiration from the renowned Riga Plywood, Hexa takes a step further by swapping the Birch Plywood core with a more affordable, yet robust replacement. It's crafted from a blend of durable hardwood and rugged exterior laminate, promising slip-free surfaces every time.

The applications are as vast as your imagination - from setting the stage for show-stopping performances, fortifying truck floors for long hauls, to customising caravan interiors. Plus, with the use of E1 adhesives, Hexa Plywood is a nod towards safety and sustainability, minimising harmful emissions.

Lightweight Alabaster Laminated Falcata Plywood panels used for cabinetry in a caravan Laminated Falcata Plywood

Laminated Falcata Plywood is Plyco's latest featherweight champ in the decorative plywood arena, specially crafted for caravan and mobile home projects. Born in Plyco's Melbourne facility, this plywood is a marriage of elegance and versatility, offering a lightweight solution without compromising on aesthetics.

It comes in two captivating laminate finishes, Onyx and Alabaster, catering to both bold and subtle tastes. Whether you're decking out your caravan, mobile home, or engaging in an interior project where weight is a pivotal factor, this plywood is your go-to. Its weight is comparable to European Poplar Plywood, yet comes at a lower cost, making it a cost-effective choice for your ventures.

Onyx Laminated Poplar Panels used for interior caravan cabinetry from plywood supplier, PlycpLaminated Poplar Plywood

Introducing the expanded line of Laminated Poplar Plywood, now stocked in Alabaster and Onyx variants. This offering is not only about variety but also about quality and application. Its lightweight nature makes it a darling for caravan and mobile home interiors, providing a sturdy yet lightweight solution for your paneling needs.

The extensive range of finishes including Graphite Oak, Mint Green, Sky Blue, and more, ensures there's a colour to match every aesthetic. Its applications stretch from RV and mobile home interiors to caravan projects, showcasing its versatility​. Read more about this range.

Plyco's veneer surfaced Falcata Plywood panels used for caravan and RV wall panellingMeranti Falcata Plywood

Meet Meranti Falcata Plywood, a purpose-built companion in our caravan interior collection, ensuring your mobile abode is 'ply-fully' aesthetic and functional. Available in 12mm and 18mm thicknesses, these panels are offered in sheets of 2440 x 1220mm, fitting perfectly into the caravan lifestyle. As a part of Plyco's caravan collection, this plywood is tailored for caravan interiors, wall and ceiling linings, and fit-outs.

The lightweight attributes of Meranti Falcata make it a breeze to work with, while its decorative finish breathes a sense of refinement into your space. This is an FSC/PEFC Certified product, echoing Plyco's commitment to sustainability​.

Bold Retro Laminates pressed onto particleboard for a cabinetry project using Plyco plywood productsRetro Laminates

Our Retro Laminates collection has been expanded with 16 nostalgic new shades that cater to a myriad of tastes. These laminates are a perfect blend of the old and new, adding a vintage charm to modern settings. They've found their niche in both cozy homes and bustling commercial spaces, adding a touch of the past to living room cabinetry and commercial bathroom joinery alike.

With a variety of shades like Antique White, Autumn, and Bayoux, they offer ample room for creative expression in your woodworking ventures​. Read more about these new Retro Laminates here.

Bold, burgundy Surround by Laminex interior wall panels in a Melbourne homeSurround by Laminex

Elevate your walls from drab to fab with Plyco's Laminex Surround! These easy to install, decorative wall panels deliver elegance to any room they grace. With variants like Batten, Demi Round, French Stripe, and Heritage, there's a design to win every heart. Whether it's a cozy study or a lively living room, Laminex Surround is all set to add a stroke of sophistication with a hearty dose of durability. This product even made waves on Channel 9's "The Block," showcasing its potential to transform living spaces.

Plyco's Walnut Fineline Vanply panels used for interior wall panels and cabinetry in a van fitoutVanply

Slide into a world of sleek interiors with Vanply! Crafted meticulously for caravan and RV interiors, Vanply is not just a plywood, it's a style statement. Available in a variety of thicknesses—3mm, 12mm, 15mm, and 18mm—and a spectrum of finishes like Cervantes Oak, Classic White, and Walnut Fineline, it's ready to blend into your mobile home aesthetics seamlessly. Its dimensions of 2440 x 1220mm are just the right fit to panel your caravan walls and cabinets, transforming them from bland to grand. Vanply is where durability meets style, without breaking the bank​.

Woodn’t you agree it’s been an exciting year at Plyco? The woodworking canvas just got a whole lot bigger and brighter, and we can't wait to see the masterpieces you'll create with these new playmates in your workshop. So, dust off those tools and let the wood chips fly as you explore Plyco’s latest and greatest!

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping online or contact us to start discovering the latest in Plyco's woodworking wonderland!

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