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What are the Different Types of Plywood Sheets?

This post is part of Plyco’s Guide To Plywood.

 Plywood can actually be a very vague term, believe it or not. Many people hear the word plywood and generally only think of something along the lines of our Premium Birch Plywood, not realising there’s a wide world to explore out there. Here at Plyco, we want to help educate Australia and the entire rest of the world about plywood, and a good place to start is by discussing the different types of plywood that exist and that we sell here.

Let’s start out with your general, stock standard plywood, shall we? You’ll find options like our Premium Birch Plywood, Hoop Pine, and Poplar, which are great all-around options. They are versatile and incredibly adaptable, making them a great option for general purpose and DIY jobs a lot of the time.

What about if you’re looking for something with extra strength for those construction jobs? Well, Plyco’s got you covered there too. We have an entire range of Structural Plywood that covers everything you need. Each of our products in the Structural Plywood range has been structurally classified and given a rating, meaning it has been tested and can be guaranteed that it won’t falter. Our CD Structural Plywood is the most common option, however, we have other options for more specific purposes. Our Tongue & Groove Plywood Flooring is, as you can probably tell, designed for flooring. The unique part about this plywood is that it features special machine grooved edges that are fitted with a colour coded PVC tongue, making connecting each piece a snap! There’s also our Hardwood Braceply, that is designed for exterior applications that require some extra strength.

Architectural Plywood Products Plyco's Range of Decoply Plywood

Plyco's Decoply Range

Next up we have our line of Architectural Plywood Products. Our architectural range is absolutely massive and covers pretty much anything you could ever want from an aesthetic standpoint.

First up is our Decoply. This product is manufactured right here at Plyco’s Fairfield manufacturing plant and features a high-pressure laminate pressed onto a Birch Plywood core. These panels are made to order and come in 10 different solid colours, as well as three unique wood grain colours for those that want an earthy and natural look.

Next up we have our Laminato range. Here we have some of the most beautiful natural timber veneers that are able to be pressed onto MDF, Particle Board, and of course our signature Plywood! We have stock veneers like American Oak and Eucalypt, but we are able to source any commercially available veneer should you desire so.

Our next option gets a little high-tech. The Spotless Laminate range has jam-packed so many incredible qualities that increase the aesthetics and durability of the product that it still blows us away. Whether it’s the ability to withstand extreme heat, or it’s resistance to fingerprints and discolouration, this plywood laminate is a top of the line option for things like cabinetry and kitchen counters/bench tops.

Finally, we have our Strataply. Once again manufactured right here at Plyco, this product is stunning and is also available in our Quadro Panels, meaning if your job is smaller you won’t have to pay for a full-size sheet!

Exterior Plywood

Plyco's Hoop Pine AA Marine PlywoodPlyco's Hoop Pine AA Marine Plywood

Sometimes you’ll want to build something that is going to be outdoors, or in areas that will be exposed to moisture. Or maybe you’re just thinking about building your very own boat? If either of these things is the case, then you’ll want to check out our Marine Plywood collection. Marine Plywood sheets are specifically designed for handling moisture – and yes, many people even build boats with it! We have Hoop Pine, Pacific Maple, and Gaboon variations of Marine Plywood, which all vary on aesthetic qualities and pricing.

We also have our Hardwood Exterior Plywood, which is a similar option to Marine Plywood, however, it’s not designed to be submerged in water and is the best option if you’re building something that might only occasionally have to deal with moisture. Hardwood exterior plywood has been used in the construction of some incredible buildings, including this list of cabins built to withstand rugged Welsh winters.

Bamboo Plywood

Studio Bianco's book built with Plyco's Bamboo Laser Plywood

Plyco's Bamboo Laserply used as a book by Studio Bianco

Last, but certainly not least, is our range of Bamboo Plywood products. Coming in three different varieties (Strand Woven, Wide Grain, and Narrow Grain), Bamboo is very similar to Hardwood Plywood and is extremely versatile. However, what really makes Bamboo a star is its beautiful finish and how ridiculously sustainable it is as a resource. Environmental impact is becoming more and more of a concern, so knowing your materials have come from a sustainable background is a big plus in today’s age. Whether it’s for wall cladding, joinery, or shop fitting, if you want to look good while saving the environment, Bamboo may be the best plywood choice for you. 

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Looking for more information to narrow down a list of plywood options for your project? You can read Plyco’s guides to choosing different plywood textures, plywood grades and plywood sizes.

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