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Particle Board Dimensions

This post is part of Plyco’s Guide to Particle Board

It’s all well and good to have plenty of Particle Board laying around for eager customers to pick up, but if those sheets offer too much, too little, or are just plain too big to transport, then they’re not of much use. At Plyco, we pride ourselves on having the most comprehensive range and that extends to our Particle Board too. A quick glance at our entire collection will show you that we have a whole lot of variety when it comes to size and thickness, while also offering a cut to size service to top it all off.

Download the brochure for our wide range of Particle Board products

If you've purchased Plywood before, even if it wasn’t from us, you’re probably familiar with standard 2400 x 1200mm sheet size. This size is essentially the default and you’ll find it available for practically everything we stock, which includes our Particle Board. However, we find that quite often this size just isn’t right for customers. As we mentioned, there is a multitude of reasons ranging from inability to transport, to needing a much larger surface area. After analysing this information we introduced three more sheet sizes in our standard option to give customers the freedom of choice.

Plyco's Standard Particle Board

In our standard Particle Board, you can purchase sheets that are 2400 x 1800mm, and 2700 x 1200mm, as well as a supersized 3600 x 1800mm sheet that we find covers pretty much anybody’s needs no matter how large. Alongside these sheet sizes are a range of thicknesses. Available to purchase are 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, and 25mm boards.

Not all of our Particle Board dimensions are uniform across the board, something you’ll run into if you have a look at our Moisture Resistant or Particle Board Flooring sizes. Moisture Resistant Particle Board is available in 2400 x 1200mm, 3600 x 600mm, or 3600 x 900mm sheets, and can range in thickness from 16mm to 33m. For the Tongue & Groove Flooring, you’ll find sheets of 3600 x 600mm, 3600 x 900mm, and 3600 x 1200mm, with sheets coming in 19mm or 22mm thickness.

Finally, we have our Melamine Particle Board range. Available in black and white colour options, you will find sheets in thicknesses from 12mm all the way up to 25mm, and there are almost a dozen stock sheet sizes to choose from.

Plyco's White Melamine Particle Board

You might be thinking to yourself right now, “these sizes are all well and good, but they’re not exactly what I want.” If that’s you, then we have just the service to cater to your needs. Plyco’s cut to size service is available for all of the products we stock, so naturally, Particle Board cut to size is no problem at all! The process is extremely simple too. All you need to do is fill out the cutting form on our website, or send through your specifications via email. Our expert team in charge of cutting will then look over the details, sign off on it, and quote you a price. Generally, the rate is $3.50 plus GST per cut.

We are also able to complete small cutting jobs during our Saturday morning opening hours. As long as it’s only one or two cuts, our team is happy to cut it for you on the spot, making those last-minute, spur of the moment purchasing decisions a smooth experience.

Now that you know everything there is to know about Particle Board sheet sizes, thicknesses, and our cut to size service, you might be ready to dive into our entire range of Particle Board. You can check it out on our online store, where you’ll also find almost every single product we stock. If you’re looking to brush up on your knowledge a little bit more why not check out our posts focusing on Veneered Particle Board, and Particle Board Applications?

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