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Types of Particle Board

This post is part of Plyco’s Guide to Particle Board

Maybe you’ve had a quick look around our website, or perhaps you’ve briefly browsed some of our other Guide to Particle Board posts. If you have, you’ve probably noticed that our range of Particle Board is vast and expansive. While having so many different products is a good thing because it offers customers so much choice, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. To help make sure every customer, no matter how experienced, is able to fully grasp our Particle Board range we’ve put together this guide to every type we have available.

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Let’s kick things off with our Standard Particle Board. This is our regular stock option and is probably what most people picture in their heads when they hear those two sweet words. Crafted together by merging small, uniform wood chips together, this creates an iconic look that can never be mistaken and always stands out in a crowd of other timber and Plywood products. In its raw form, it’s a suitable option for projects such as shelving and storage containers. Essentially, if you’re looking for a product that is strong, cheap, and doesn’t need to look like a supermodel, Standard Particle Board is probably going to be your best choice. It also lends itself brilliantly to laminating and veneering, but we’ll get into that in more detail in just a little bit.

Plyco's Standard Particle Board

Plyco's Standard Particle Board

Similar to our Standard option, High Moisture Resistant Particle Board is also something we offer at Plyco. Visually, it looks practically identical, however, it has been manufactured to handle moisture-prone areas like water off a duck’s back. If you’re constructing something in a place like a laundry or a bathroom this is a great option. You’ll still need to seal the board after purchasing it, but once that’s completed you’ve got a sheet that can be used almost anywhere.

If you’re thinking about buying a structural flooring product one of the first options we’d point you towards is Particle Board Flooring. This takes the strength and internal characteristics of our regular Particle Board and capitalises on them to create a structural sub-floor that is built to last. Each sheet comes equipped with our patented Tongue & Groove system. Exclusive to Plyco, we fit PVC colour-coded tongues and machined grooves. This format allows for the easiest possible installation, where all you have to do is lock it into place. You’ll also be benefiting from a tighter fit and additional strength and support, which is exactly what you want when you’re constructing a floor.

Plyco's Tongue & Groove Particle Board Flooring

Plyco's Tongue & Groove Particle Board Flooring.

We need to shift gears now and get a little bit fancier in terms of appearance. While we love our regular Particle Board options for their utility and strength, they’re not exactly winning any awards based on their visual aesthetic. This is where products like our Black and White Melamine Particle Board come into play. These two products press a high-quality, clean, and hard-wearing melamine surface to both sides of the product. This replaces the traditional Particle Board look with a sleek surface that is so stunning you’ll genuinely forget what material has been used. We find that the Melamine variations work incredibly well when used for cabinetry, drawers, and shop fitting.

Plyco's White Melamine Particle Board

Plyco's White Melamine Particle Board

Lastly, we have the most gorgeous and stunning of our Particle Board options; Veneered Particle Board. If you want something that packages an eye-catching architectural finish with the pound-for-pound strength of a Construction Plywood, this is the product for you. We have a selection of nine stock veneers that can be pressed onto our Standard Particle Board substrate. As we manufacture these boards ourselves at our Melbourne manufacturing plant, we’re able to get a little bit flexible with the veneers we offer. Have you seen a veneer out in the wild that doesn’t seem to be one of our stock options? Well, if it’s commercially available Plyco will source it and press it just for you.

Plyco's American Walnut Veneered Particle Board.

Plyco's American Walnut Veneered Particle Board

As you can see, there’s a lot going on and a lot of moving parts when it comes to Plyco’s Particle Board range. Hopefully seeing all the information laid out here has been beneficial to you and helped teach you a thing or two. If you’re ready to dive in, you can browse our entire catalogue as well as buy Particle Board from our online store. On the other hand, if you want to learn more we have other handy guides, like our Top Particle Board Properties and Particle Board Applications blog posts.

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