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The Plyco Guide to Laminated Plywood

We’re huge fans of everything about Plywood here, including the look of it. However, we know that not everyone feels the same about its visual characteristics, and in some projects that natural Plywood look just isn’t appropriate. In times like these our extensive range of Laminated Plywood comes into play.

Whether you’re looking for an extra boost in face durability, or just after an eye-popping architectural look that will turn heads, Plyco has you covered. With so many different options within this range things can become overwhelming, so to make life easier we’ve put together an all-inclusive guide to help you learn everything you’d ever need to know about Plyco’s Laminated Plywood.

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Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What is Laminated Plywood?
  • Top Properties of Laminated Plywood
  • Laminated Plywood Sizes and Thicknesses
  • Laminated Plywood Applications
  • Types of Laminated Plywood Explained
  • What is Formply?
  • Bunnings Laminated Plywood Alternatives
  • Laminated Plywood Price List

What is Laminated Plywood?

Laminated Plywood is essentially any piece of Plywood that has had a laminate or film face applied to a raw substrate of Plywood. At Plyco, we use our renowned Premium Birch Plywood for many of our laminated product, ensuring that you get a board that is built to last as well as look amazing. Each and every piece of Laminated Plywood you’ll find in our stores as been manufactured by our hardworking team in our Melbourne manufacturing plant.


Plyco's Black Spotless Laminate.

Top Properties of Laminated Plywood

Plyco’s Plywood already has a plethora of standout properties in its raw form, but when you add a laminate into the mix a whole new set of incredible qualities are thrown into the mix. One of the most obvious but most beloved qualities is that a laminate can completely visually transform a piece of Plywood. There’s such a stark difference between the natural look of Birch Plywood and a laminate such as the ones used in our Spotless range. Laminates also increase the strength of the board they’re applied to as well. Adding something such as a Decoply Laminate into the mix is a great way to sure up the face durability of your next project.

Laminated Plywood Sizes and Thicknesses

With so much variety comes many different sizes and thicknesses for our Laminated Plywood products. The general rule when it comes to our products featuring laminates is that the standard sheet size will always be 2400 x 1200mm, however, each range will branch out from this size and it can become a little tricky to navigate. The same goes for thicknesses, which will almost always be different when looking at a new product. To help combat this we’ve put together a comprehensive overview of every shape, size and thickness that we stock at Plyco.


The Jarrah veneer in Plyco's Laminato range.

Laminated Plywood Applications

We get such a diverse range of customers walking through the doors of Plyco each and every day, but the one thing they all have in common is that they love the diverse range of applications for our Laminated Plywood. Even just looking at a single option creates so many possibilities. Take our Decoply range for example. It’s commonly used for things such as desks or cabinetry, but when thinking outside of the box it is perfect for unique applications like picture framing and shopfitting. It’s even a great option for furniture. Chairs and stools are something we see Decoply used for quite a lot and the end product never ceases to blow us away. When you add in the fact that there are a number of other types of Laminated Plywood available at Plyco (like Laminato), you soon realise that the possibilities are limitless!


Plyco's Black Spotless Laminate used for cabinetry in a gym change room.

Types of Laminated Plywood Explained

Looking at our range and feeling a little bit overwhelmed? With so much variety on display, we’d almost be surprised if you weren’t at least slightly blown away. Knowing all the strengths, differences, and various structural qualities unique to each option Plyco offers can be tough for somebody who has never had any experience with these products. What’s the difference between Decoply and Spotless Laminate? Why is Laminato different from the rest? These are normal questions to ask yourself when browsing the Plywood walls of Plyco. To help make this journey a little easier we have put together a guide to help you understand every piece of Laminated Plywood we have.

What is Formply?

Let’s say you’re a builder looking for a structural product to use in your next project. You need something that has a structural rating and is guaranteed to withstand the rigours of your build. However, you also don’t want it to have the typical Structural Plywood look to it, and desire something with a higher quality visual finish. This is essentially the dictionary definition of what Formply is. Plyco’s sheets of Formply take high-density overlay of phenolic resin impregnated paper and then bonds it to our renowned Plywood to create this product that straddles the line of architectural and construction. Check out our guide to Formply where we discuss the manufacturing process in detail and what Formply is used for.


Plyco's Formply.

Bunnings Laminated Plywood Alternatives

Ever headed down to your local Bunnings to grab some Laminated Plywood and ultimately been frustrated with the prices and amount of variety. Don’t worry, we’ve felt that frustration too! This is exactly why we’ve put together such a comprehensive Laminated Plywood catalogue. We believe that we’ve put together the greatest collection of Laminated Plywood in Melbourne and the entirety of Australia for that matter. Whether you want a natural look (Laminato has you covered), the highest architectural finish available (Spotless Laminate), or a hard wearing construction product with the looks to match (Black Formply), Plyco’s range gives you the perfect alternative to buying Laminated Plywood at Bunnings.

Laminated Plywood Price List

If you’d like the latest prices on our extensive range of Particle Board products, check out our online price list. There you’ll find pricing information on every Laminated Plywood sheet that Plyco stocks.


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